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1. About Head First SCWCD Question

Here's the 15th question of Chapter 5:

Which method(s) can be used to ask the container to notify your application whenever a session is about to timeout? (Choose all that ...

2. Session question

Object qtrAttrib = session.getAttribute( "nomination_qtr" ); int qtr = 0; if ( qtrAttrib != null && qtrAttrib instanceof Integer ) { qtr = ( (Integer)qtrAttrib).intValue(); } Object yAttrib = session.getAttribute( "nomination_year" ); int y = 0; if ( yAttrib != null && yAttrib instanceof Integer ) { y = ( (Integer)yAttrib).intValue(); }

3. Session Question

If I access a webapp that stores info in a session... If I access another webapp located on a completely different server, can he access the info that the other webapp stored in the session? Rigt now, I dont have the means to try it. SO, if I store a user object in a session, can another app on another machione ...

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Hi, I am developing an application which searches for a particular document in some kind of database and returns the results and when the user clicks on one of the results, it should show the corresponding document from the db. Now I could get that functionality in my app. But my question is right now I am planning to store the ...

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13. Servlet 2.3 question: Is there a way to determine session expiration?

We have discussed this issue before, and after looking through the new Servlet 2.3 API, I still dont see any changes with regards to checking the time stamp of a session to determine if the session has expired. The method getLastAccessedTime() returns the last time in which the client sent a request associated with the session. This number is always equal ...

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