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1. Session not staying active in my web application

Hi In my web application the JSESSION isn't staying active. I have enabled a JDBC Store on tomcat but this has still not fixed it. Any other suggestions. Thanks in Advance Dean ...

2. Active Sessions

3. how to count active sessions in Servlet 2.2 specification

I think you can do this with the following code snippet: // Increment the hit count for this page. The value is saved // in this client's session under the name "tracker.count". Integer count = (Integer)session.getValue("tracker.count"); if (count == null) count = new Integer(1); else count = new Integer(count.intValue() + 1); session.putValue("tracker.count", count); Thanks

4. How to end an active session using servlets

Hey Gray, Thanks for the help. I should have thought of it! Ok I am actually making an application for online test. So examinee has to either logout within 1 hour, or we will disconnect him. Sort of snatching your answer sheets after stipulated time! Hope this makes sense! Thanks again Abhishek.