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1. How to clean session attribute from all active session in java?

Currently I am working on web project which uses JSP/Servlet and struts framework. We are using cache mechanism. I want to clean some of the session attribute from all the active ...

2. Any tool to view web session attributes?

I use jsp/Servlets for my web layer. Is there any tool to examine session attributes in a web session?

3. session attribute removal from jsp

Is it possible to call taglib to remove the attribute on certain object events like onClick() etc because right now these are getting called when the page is getting loaded,I don't ...

4. Java: Session attribute is only in next operation

I'm posting some strings in my Session with the call

request.getSession().setAttribute(key, value);
And making the redirect with
In almost all cases the values is there after the redirect. But sometimes I can only read this ...

5. reading a session attribute in jsp

i am setting a session attribute in a servlet called cartList which is an array of strings like this,

request.getSession().setAttribute("cartList", items);
where items is an array of objects of type String. In a jsp, ...

6. Session attribute access and converting to int?

I have stored user id in Session using following command in Servlet:

HttpSession session = request.getSession();
session.setAttribute("user", user.getId());
Now, I want to access that user id from another Servlet:
HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);
int userid = ...

7. HttpSession stores attribute by reference or value?

I use HttpSession in my server application. And for the session set attributes. My question in next: how attribute for session sets - by reference or value. Question in afraid reason ...

8. Problem in setting session attribute in jsp function

I am trying to set session attribute in a jsp function. The function reads cell data from a table row and stores it in a variable array. Could you suggest how can ...

9. Level of access for a JSP web applicaction

which is the best and simplest way to limit access to certain content on a particular web applicaction using JSP tags like session attributes for example? Could any please advise? I am trying ...

10. Will session.invalidate() remove the attribute set to the session?

If I set the attribute value in the request and after that I call session.invalidate(), what will happen to attribute values? Will they be there still?

11. how can i get the session attribute in desired type

from another java application, i had already set my attribute to this:

     HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
     session.setAttribute("SessionUser", userName);
I'm not sure how to parse ...

12. How to set session attribute in java?

I am able to set session attribute in scriptlet but when I am trying to set session attribute inside java class it shows error like "session cannot be resolved". So how ...

13. Problem getting session attributes

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15. session.Attribute returns null

This is my code: <% session.setAttribute("id",request.getParameter("idField")); session.setAttribute("Name",User.getRepresentative()); %> I get the idField from a html form and the name from a bean then I store them in the session. Simple, right. Then in the next jsp page, I try to read the Name and the id field but it displays null. This is how I try to read them: <%= session.getAttribute("Name") ...

16. Quick question on session attributes

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18. Cannot serialize session attribute

19. proper access to session attributes

21. Using JSP to copy javascript value into session attribute

On the server side (your JSP/Servlet code), a request made by an AJAX client is no different from any other GET or POST request. You would use request.getParameter("{param name}") to retrieve the value. You would then use session.setAttribute("{param name}", variable) to bind it to session. If you need more help, with the AJAX end of things, ask that this thread be ...

23. read un complete data from session attribute

hi this more details 1 this account application for small company 2 i read from account table in DB all accounts in vector 3 for each account i send it to method to get it balance at (forexample 1-1-2006) then another method to get it balance at (31-12-2006) and set this data at vector and continue that for each loop (all ...

24. problem with using session attributes

Hi, I am facing one problem with using session in my shopping cart application. Our organisation running one shopping cart site ,which is accessible on internet and intranet (within organisation).Problem is as follows, We are tracking users details once it sign in into our site such as his/her user id, its party name,its type(e.g dealer,distributor) etc through HttpSession by setting attriubutes( ...

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26. lost session attribute on src JSP's

27. Sharing session attributes between two servlets

Hi, I understand that on saying response.sendRedirect(), a new request would be created (effectively, the previously existing request would be lost). But, will the existing session be still available thru request.getSession(false)? The problem I am facing is: 1. I have two servlets running in my system, one for each application. 2. I want the values stored in the session to be ...

29. Clarifications on session attribute

30. Session attribute problem!

Hi to all! I experienced a problem and was unable to solve it for an hour, so I guess (and hope) you could give me some solution. I have a JSP page, called Dispatcher.jsp. It contains the following code:

And in Resolver.jsp ...

31. Issue in setting attributes in session object

In my application i am setting setting attributes with certain name in my application during error, for ex in case the issue with the update i am setting session.setAttribute("somename","Error in Update"); in case issue with delete then session.setAttribute("somename","Error in Delete"); but what is happening is which ever error comes first it remains throughout the session Don't know why it is not ...

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33. unable to read session attribute in JSP

35. Accessing session scope attributes

Hi I am trying to use a session scoped attribute using EL in my jsp page. When I first retrieve the value which is in request scope and move it to session scope, it is having values. But when I access the session scoped attribute it is having no values(null). I have also pasted the part of the code. hashProductValues = ...

36. Iterating over a Set session attribute

38. session attribute not appearing in JSP