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1. Close the session when client closes

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Java Servlet : How to detect browser closing ?
Hi all I have a question regarding a session timeout, i could not find any answer ...

2. how to generate a new http session id without close internet explorer in Servlet

In my system, after user login the page, I want to generate a new http session id without close internet explorer. I write the code like this:

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,

3. How to close a specific session in J2ee

Good day! How can i close a specific session if i have several session open as follows:

String userName = (String) session.getAttribute("userName");
HashMap cartList = (HashMap) session.getAttribute("cartList");
If i want to close the session of ...

4. Override jspDestroy() to close Session in JEE

I want to remove my session when I close the window of my application. I'm trying to override jspDestroy() with session.setAttribute("user",null); but it doesn't work. Any idea ?

5. Close window on JSP Session TIME-OUT

6. Closing the session !!!

7. How to clear session when closing explorer?

Dear All, I need to clear the session when i am closing Internet Explorer, through servlet (i think doFilter), Im using a struts application. My problem is when i m logging into my application and closing the application directly by close window-close button regardless without using LOGOUT option, the session is still maintained And then after that i can able to ...