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1. Confused with Session's getAttribute and setAttribute methods

I used the session.set/getAttribute() to pass my HashMap to another servlet. On my next servlet, I will add a value to my HashMap but when I search for the value, it ...

2. HttpSession, session.getAttribute(), problem

I have a problem related to Java servlet sessions. I don't understand why the getAttribute() function of the session object is used before setAttribute(); Here is the code:

Vector buylist=(Vector)session.getAttribute("Register");
if (action.equals("del")) {
String ...

3. JSP Session.getAttribute() value return null

I have no idea why my session.getAttribute("user") return not null but attribute value retun null after few minutes, it might due to session time out but why only the attribute value ...

4. How to do this JSP code <%= session.getAttribute("attributeName") %> in Expression Language

How to do this JSP code <%= session.getAttribute("attributeName") %> in Expression Language where stuff goes like ${blabla} Forgot to say that I actually tried the ${sessionScope.attributeName}, btw the attribute value is a String ...

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7. session.getattribute question

Hi, I'm kind of new to the jsp world and have a question related to restoring html form fields dynamically using session.getattribute and javascript looping through the document.form.elements. Is there a way to do this. I am using WebSphere Development Studio Client as my development bench accessing an IBM Iseries DB2 data base through WAS 5.0. I am able to do ...

8. session.getAttribute?

this mite seem very familiar... i have a jsp page that submits some data

<% String firstname = request.getParameter("firstname"); session.setAttribute("firstname",firstname); %> and a jsp page <%= session.getAttribute("firstname") %> For some reason the jsp page shows "null" value when I submit the form? Is there any significance to where the scriplet should ...

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