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1. attributeRemoved not being called after session.invalidate

I have a object that implements the HttpSessionAttributeListener, and as you'd expect it does some work when certain objects are added, replaced and removed from the session. I thought that ...

2. Servlet Session behavior and Session.invalidate

Suppose I have a web app with a servlet defined in web.xml. Then I deploy it on Tomcat. Then I open my browser and go to the link to this servlet, it is ...

3. Servlet session invalidate

I have 2 apps in 2 different servers - Tomcat(basically a .WAR file) and a EAR in jBoss. EAR is a reusable app where I will authenticate the user and send back ...

4. Session ID re-used after call to invalidate

I've inherited a pretty ancient JSP application (JDK 1.3.1_15) and am attempting to plug a session fixation hole. I'm successfully invalidating the current session after authentication using HttpSession.invalidate() however when the new ...

5. Will session.invalidate() clears all the session related data?

Please explain about the functionality of session.invalidate().When session.invalidate() is called while logging out from application will it clear all the seesion related data? If we login to the application again request.getsession(true) will ...

6. Invalidating session in JSP - Servlet

Possible Duplicate:
Prevent user from going back to the previous secured page after logout
I was wondering how to invalidate session in JSP and servlets. In ...

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16. problems invalidating a session

I have read a lot of posts about this, but none of the solutions have worked for me. The problem is that I have a log in page, instanciate a session, set variables to my session and when I logout I use the session.invalidate(); method to keep security of my pages I use an if statement like String loged=String.valueOf(session.getValue("logedin")); if(loged.equals("false")|loged.equals(null)|loged.equals("")|loged.equals("null")){%>

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18. How to invalidate session?

Metaquestion: I'm curious about something that I've seen quite often in the various forums: Oftentimes and 'answer' will be in the form of "Look at the API" or even "RTFM". This sort of answer confuses me, because, ultimately, it seems, just about any question could be answered by pouring over the API and trying out various things. One of the reasons ...

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22. session invalidate

hi all, i want logout from one jsp.but if i click browser back button,it bring me back to the jsp page...i do not want that..(i want like gmail.i.e, once you logout the page,then using browser back button you can not go back) please anyone give me the idea.. thanks & regards, seetharaman

23. Session Invalidate problem

I am working on a web based application.I want to restrict the number of users by 2. I am using listener class to count the sessions. My problem is that when user closes the window directly(without logout),How to count active sessions. It is happening that when somebody closes the application (without logout),the session counter will not decrement. I am facing this ...

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27. Notify servlet prior to session invalidate

Background Info: I am working on a project to lock a product id number so it may not be accessed by more than one session at a time. I create a lock by writing the session id, product id number, user id and timestamp to a oracle database table. What I am trying to do is release the lock when the ...

28. Invalidating a valid session in jsp

Hi All, I have got a task to perform in my jsp page. My jsp page gets called on click of a link in my application. What I need to do is My jsp page should check if the current session is still valid & if it is then invalidate the session & redirect to another page outside the application. I ...

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