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I want to check if a certain key/value pair has been set. How do I check if a an entry with key named "keyName" exists. Sample code or a pointer to an ...

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i have created a login page for my project "student information system" which contain text fields username,userid and password.i tried to store the value of username and userid in session object ...

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Can I access session object from within a function where request object is not present? I know in Java we access session like this:

HttpSession session = request.getSession(true);
But what if we ...

4. Storing objects in session    stackoverflow.com

I have a PersistenceCapable class

@PersistenceCapable(identityType = IdentityType.APPLICATION)
public class MyClass
 @Persistent(valueStrategy = IdGeneratorStrategy.IDENTITY)
 private Long id;

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I am creating a login page for my web application. I want to create a session object whenever a new user logged in. I know the concept of sessions, but i didnt ...

6. Why session object is changed(JSP,servlet)?    stackoverflow.com

I set a attribute in JSP session:

and I print session Id and session HashCode every minute:
out.println("sessionID:"+session.getId()+" sessionHashCode:"+session.hashCode());
I get the below result:
sessionID:awZ5kgzGNZf4 sessionHashCode:4861179

sessionID:awZ5kgzGNZf4 sessionHashCode:4861179


sessionID:awZ5kgzGNZf4 sessionHashCode:708977


sessionID:awZ5kgzGNZf4 sessionHashCode:5376793
in time 03:41 and 03:46, the session ...

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How garbage collection works with Session object in JSP? Whether each session gets garbage collected after session gets expired? What is better way to handle memory with Session objects in JSP? ...

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Is it possible to retrieve session object stored by a servlet, in a JSP file? How do I do that?

9. Clear a session scoped object in Guice Servlet    stackoverflow.com

Currently I have a session scoped object called MySessionData. Originally when logging out I just called

The problem is now we have multiple session scoped objects and logging out only ...

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What will be the output of the above code please explain those things in the output

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Hello! I have a jsp page in which I support two languages. When the user logs in, I set a language attribute in the session object. Later on when I want to display something in HTML, I read this attribute and display the appropriate text. The problem is when I want to display some text in a pop up box from ...

12. Losing object from the session    coderanch.com

I'm storing an object in the session using session.setAttribute() and then accessing it again on other pages, as you do.

This works fine most of the time, and always in the development environment. However at sometimes when the live web server is busy this session object seems to dissapear from the session. Its not a problem of the session timing ...

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Hi , I have a jsp page which is refreshed atuomatically every 10 seconds.I get and put values in the session by using the implicit session variable . Everything works fine for say 2-3 mins after that the implicit session becomes null suddenly and throws a null pointer exception. I get a null pointer exception and session is printed as null ...

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Hi; Since session object is default true in JSP page, do i need to call request.getSessiobn(true) to create a session. I think i can use session directly. Is that right? <% session = request.getSession(true); //should be comment out session.setAttibute("userName", userName); %> By the way, i did false session in my directive. I was told that if i do not call session ...

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27. Can different Servlet classes share a single session object?    coderanch.com

My web application requires customers to register. I have a public class Login extends HttpServlet, in which I create a session object right after the customer successfully logs in, like so: HttpSession session = request.getSession(true); Now, suppose after the customer has logged in, he is directed to my catalog page, where he finds something he likes. And he clicks "Order this ...

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29. how to get a session object in the init() method of a servlet?    coderanch.com

Session is taken from the request, and request is not processed until init() has executed completely. Session is generally managed using Cookies or URL rewritting. Both of these are a part of request (Cookies come as header and URL encoding is part of URI) and request is processed by service() method of servlet. If the session is created(although it is NOT ...

30. sending session object from servlt-multiple jsp's    coderanch.com

Sree, The best practice is to put all business logic in servlets (or better yet, classes called by servlets) and not in JSPs. JSPs should be strictly presentation. If you have data that needs to be shared by multiple JSPs in the same request, you should store the data in the Request object as an attribute. If you have data that ...

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35. How to remove an object from session in a jsp?    coderanch.com

Hi Can someone help me how to remove a session object every time when the user is navigated to a jsp page. I have these lines of code but it's not working. user.jsp <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%> <% response.setHeader("pragma", "no-cache"); response.setDateHeader ("Expires", -1); %> <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c" %>

36. Why to use external session management techniques when session object in JSP is implicit?    coderanch.com

Hi, I had been to one interview, there they have asked me: 1) what are the implicit objects in JSP? ...so i told all the implicit objects....as we know Session is also one among them. 2) Then they asked me how do you manage sessions in JSP? ...My answer was HttpSessions and URL rewriting..... 3)The third question was very tricky, when ...

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Yes, that code removes all the attributes from whatever session is passed to it as its parameter. You're working in a JSP so there's only going to be one session. You aren't creating any others, there's just the one being passed around from the page context to the JSP code to your code. And your code acts on that session. It's ...

46. Is it safe to pass session object from jsp to a static method?    forums.oracle.com

That depends on what you do with the session and what you expect to happen to the object you get from it. If the session is maintained in the local scope of the method (ie you do not store it in some static variable) then you should be okay. Same goes with the object you get from the variable. If the ...