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1. Refresh Java session object in Javascript

I am trying to use javascript to do something once it detects a change in the session object. However, javascript does not detect the change in the session object after i ...

2. New Session created on refresh

I have created some jsp pages which work perfectly when running under tomcat/localhost. When I run these pages under a tomcat/server scenario evrytime a new page is visited or the refresh button is hit a new session is created. Thus I loose all my session variables. Does anyone have any ideas??? Thanks

4. problem with session and refresh button

Hi everyone, I am new to JSP programming. I have a JSP page where i search database and the result's are displayed on the same page. I am also storing the displayed result in the session for printer friendly display upon user request. After searching the database if i press the refresh button the number of records displayed on the page ...

6. refresh for invalidated user session