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1. iplanet session time out    coderanch.com

Hello, I have developped some web pages using jsp on an iplanet webserver. I have a session time out (certainly due to iplanet) after 30 minutes and I want to extend it to its maximum length. So what do I have to change in the iplanet config to extend this session time out (iplanet online doc is not usable : no ...

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I am working on a project that requires calculating the time diff. I get the time stamp from the mySQL database from a field of type timestamp using: Date loggedInTime; loggedInTime = rs.getDate("LoggedIn").getTime(); I must compare the current time with the time above. I get the current time using.. Date currentTime = new java.util.Date(); long now = currentTime.getTime(); I tried subtracting ...

3. Session time out.    coderanch.com

In the HTTP protocol, there is no explicit termination signal when a client is no longer active. This means that the only mechanism that can be used to indicate when a client is no longer active is a timeout period. The default timeout period for sessions is defined by the servlet container and can be obtained via the getMaxInactiveInterval method of ...

5. Regarding Session life time    coderanch.com

Dear Friends, we are developing a web site using jsp,servlets.i would like to set the session life time as long as the clients accessing the site. now if the client doesnt do anything onb page the session life time comes to end after 3 seconds.i want to disable the session after the client made the sign out. how to do that? ...

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Hi Friends, I have two input boxes,which take in a start and stop date,and depending upon that runs a query.The problem is for some reason now i wish to run a query that takes in date in milliseconds.But to the user it should be displayed in the normal format("yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss).This query works for the first time,but when the user enters some ...

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Ajax is implemented in Javascript. A user shouldn't have to keep their browser open for 2 hours while waiting for something to run. If something takes that long to run, let the user kick it off and leave. When it's done, send them an email letting them know where they can pick up the results. In addition, there should be a ...

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Hi, I have a doubt on session object maintenance. I have tried many ways still my session timed out. I used all the basic thing like request.getSession (true). That is not a prob. Here is the scenario: I have one page, that is used for data entry. I want to restrict the user to use that page for 30 min, If ...