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1. Firefox session timeout immediately    stackoverflow.com

I have a the following in my header.html:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="<%= session.getMaxInactiveInterval() %>; URL=/nmt/extranet/asp/error.jsp" />
and the following in my web.xml
After an hour the session times out and redirects me to ...

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Dose anybody know how to set session timeout greater than 30 minutes? these two methods wont work (default to 30 min).


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Is there any way for a java servlet/jsp to determine the webserver's session timeout (in seconds, minutes, etc...)? I tried looking in the HttpSession and System API, but didn't see any ...

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I set session timeout to be 5 minutes in web.xml. And once session expired sessionDestroyed() will be executed. But I want session to be alive as long as browser window is still ...

5. J2EE -- Handling HttpSession session timouts while serving flash content    stackoverflow.com

While serving flash based training material users peroidically experience a HttpSession session timeout. Currently the inactivity timeout is set to default (30mins). Questions:

  1. Would it be a good idea to ...

6. Session-timeout configuration doesn't work?    stackoverflow.com

In web.xml I have this


In the SessionListener.java I have
public void sessionDestroyed (HttpSessionEvent event){    
   System.out.println("Visitor Removed!!");
But it ...

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I need to give my user a web interface to change the session timeout interval. So, different installations of the web application would be able to have different timeouts for their ...

8. Jboss 5.1 Session Timeout Not working    stackoverflow.com

I am facing the same issue where I am using Jboss 5.1 server and my session timeout doesnt work. I have tried the above steps by setting in deployers/jbossweb.deployer/web.xml . Also ...

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Hi just want to confirm when a session is expired in a webapp based on servlet. The following session id will be available until the session is garbage collected, is that ...

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Does it make sense do define session-timeout with restful web services like jax-rs? For what I know the rest is stateless (or should be stateless) so what the point of storing ...

11. Java Session Timeout Problem    stackoverflow.com

We set the timeout parameter in web.xml at 15 minutes. Our problem is we are encountering intermittent error where the application timed out from even if the 15 minutes is not ...

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How can I set session timeout so that it never expires? It's for a Java EE web application.

13. Session Timeout creation for application    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement for session timeout. This is my requirement. Once logged in to my application, a time count sholud start. If it reaches 10 mins, it should gives a ...

14. Session timeout function call    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement on session timeout. For that I am using the session time out function. But actually i need to call this function in all my jsp pages and ...

15. jsp + session timeout    coderanch.com

whenever my session times out and i call up a page again, the only things that don't exist are stuff that i put in my session - you are getting the nullpointerexception because that doesn't exist, not because the session object doesn't exist. put some error handling around your calls to the session object to check whether the stuff you wanted ...

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I'm not sure whether this comes under JSPs or EJBs but here goes.... In our JSPs we have the following line of code - what I understand this to mean is to look for a bean called user - if it exists then use it, else instantiate one. It will be stored in HttpSession? We currently ...

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22. session timeouts    coderanch.com

Hi all, We've recently had a debate about session timeouts, specifically, the definition of "inactivity". Two basic opinions: 1. Inactivity meaning the client has not contacted the server for x seconds 2. Inactivity meaning the client has not pressed any keys, or performed any mouse events (handled via javascript) for x seconds Naturally, case 1 will occur regardless. But to exercise ...

23. session timeout - setmaxintervaltime    coderanch.com

public void setMaxInactiveInterval(int interval) Specifies the time, in seconds, between client requests before the servlet container will invalidate this session. A negative time indicates the session should never timeout. 'client requests'- does this refer to request to jsp's/servlets that participate in session or any page on server/container like html, jsp, etc.. Why this confusion/doubt? If user opened a jsp page that ...

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Hi, I am using atg server 7.0. for my application. I have not specified maxinterval time in my web.xml file. api says "getMaxInactiveInterval() Returns the maximum time interval, in seconds, that the servlet container will keep this session open between client accesses". getMaxInactiveInterval() is zero in my case.I have not accessed the page for more than 1 min. still session variables ...

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Hi all, We have an application where we have to disable the cookies and use url-rewriting. i want the user to invalidate after some specified time. i have given the parameter in my web.xml file. 1 i have given the value as 1 which means 1 minute. when i click the logout link on the particular jsp page (index.jsp) then ...

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34. Session timeouts and servlets/JSP - newbie question    coderanch.com

They do not check for a session. You would have to handle this by accomodating a null value from the getAttribute method, or check for a valid session using "request.getSession(false);" By saying false, you are telling the container not to create it if it isn't there. In this case, that method will return null if there is no session. A better ...

37. How to reduce authenticated sessions timeout?    coderanch.com

Hi, I requested a constrained resource, and I used BASIC authentication method. The browser asked username and password. I provided valid ones. The authentication passed, and I got the constrained resource using browser(firefox). I set setMaxInactiveInterval(100) to my session in jsp(constrained resource), and after 100 seconds the session will be invalidated. Later, I send a request to the constrained resource. At ...

39. Session Timeout w/o xml?    coderanch.com

Hi all, Im trying to create a session timeout of 30sec on a html page if there is no user activity, my problem is that if the user is busy filling in required fields(eg: 10 fields) on a form in html, but has not yet submitted the values to a js page, then the session should stay active. But if there ...

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