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1. Session Tracking Servlet

I have 2 applications(EARs) . In App1 I have a few jsps and at a point I want to save the details of a person I have a button which has ...

2. java session tracking

Possible Duplicate:
Java page re-direct
I want to go to a certain page the first time it calls that page and go to another page all ...

3. session tracking in JSP

5. Another question about session tracking in JSP

Set it to -1. Also, according to the specs: "In the HTTP protocol, there is no explicit termination signal when a client is no longer active. This means that the only mechanism that can be used to indicate when a client is no longer active is a timeout period." (SRV.7.5 Session Timeouts)

6. Session tracking with model 1

Okay, apparently session tracking does not work with Model 1. My application has a JSP that creates a user object, stores it in the session, then displays a list of hyperlinks to other JSPs. When the user clicks on a hyperlink, a new JSP is called and a different session is created. In a nutshell, a session object is created for ...

7. JSP/WML and session tracking

8. How to use session Tracking in JSP

Hi vivek and all, Thanks for your reply. but i want to know the way of programming. I logged into rediffmail. I got the inbox page. I copied the URL of that page and logged out from that. I opened a new IE and pasted the URL in address bar. I got the page of invalid session. I want to make ...

9. Problem with session tracking

10. JSP Session Tracking

Hi all, By default the session expires when it is idle more than the time specified in web.xml or by using maxinactiveinterval() method. I want to know how to find it out so that I can process it and perform some action. Can any one explain with program code. Thanks in advance.

12. Session Tracking is this correct

We are having a web application in which we need to maintain the sessions. for the same for every page except the login page we include a header.jsp When user successfully logs in we save a javabean validUser in session scope. the contents of the header.jsp which we include in every page are ...

13. session tracking

Hi there, I have a strange problem you may be able to shed some light on. At least I hope so. I'm working with an existing project using JSP's and Servlets and a backend MySQL database. The project entails the ability to perform ad hoc queries to the database. The source code files can be found at the bottom of the ...

14. JSP session tracking

Hi all, I am having problems with session tracking with JSPs. I only create one session (request.getSession(true)) and have set the session option to false at the start of the jsp page(ie. session="false"). on subsequent jsp pages i simply retrieve the first created session (eg. request.getSession(false)) and have set the default session="false". hope all that makes sense anyway the behaviour of ...

15. session tracking in jsp

16. session tracking

18. session tracking

Is there any way to know how many active session are there in my web application. One way is to keep track of the users and corresponding session ids where the user logs in. The server also keeps track of all the active information. Is there some api to extract that kind of information from server

19. session tracking in servlet hosted on jrun 2.3

Sessions perfectly working in servletrunner but not on JRun. When I refresh 2-3 times they work. I am not able to carry session when I am using jrun but session work perfectly in servletrunner. The actual scene is I get a null pointer error, which I worked out was due to the fact that the session is not recognised. if i ...

21. Servlet session tracking in a different way

Try using cookies, and setMaxAge(-1) of your cookie which will not store the cookie on the HDD and will be stored in the RAM, and as soon as the session is over the cookie expires.... You can also do it using the session object. Please let me know if that works. Devan

22. Session tracking using JSP

I have written a code for Session tracking using JSP.The code is working fine.But when I tried to see the view source using browser like IE,Netscape the source file is showing space where I had kept the code for session tracking.I will be thankful if someone could suggest me a way of removing this space from the source file.Thanks in advance ...

23. Servlet Session Tracking

24. servlet session tracking

Hi all, This is most likely a common problem, but many a day has been spent working on it prior to this post. I'm attempting to check for the existance of a "user" object in a session. If it exists then I want to parse the provided "run" parameter for method names and invoke them. If the "user" object does not ...

25. Session Tracking in Servlets

Hi you can do the authentication 4 types:- oHTTP Basic authentication ( BASIC ) oHTTP Digest authentication (DIGEST) oHTTPS Client authentication (CLIENT-CERT) oHTTP FORM-based authentication (FORM)

entry in web.xml:- ... FORM /formlogin.html /formerror.html ... ...

26. session tracking using servlets and sessions

hi all, im trying to run my own application to understand session tracking ... im new to java.. My application is ** i have "two" html files containing total 6 fields. "from1" contains 3 fields, when i click on a button in "form1" it takes you to "form2" with remaining 3 fields *** my application is to insert the values of ...

27. JSP session tracking problem

28. Session tracking in servlets

Hi, I have very simple - probably silly too - question. I am trying to add session variable in my application for using the userName of the logged in user. I know if I were to use it in jsp - I could simply do session.setAttribute("userName", userName); but here is what I am doing - Jsp page sends information to a ...

29. Session tracking in JSP and servlets

30. session tracking

<% response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); response.setDateHeader ("Expires", 0); %> <% String heading; Integer accessCount; synchronized(session) { accessCount = (Integer)session.getAttribute("accessCount"); if (accessCount == null) { accessCount = new Integer(0); heading = "Welcome, Newcomer"; } else { heading = "Welcome Back"; accessCount = new Integer(accessCount.intValue() + 1); } session.setAttribute("accessCount", accessCount); } %> Session Tracking

<%= heading %>

Information on your session


31. Servlets: session tracking

32. what is session tracking in servlets?

Well Mheshpmr session tracking in servlets is very important...There are a number of problems that arise from the fact that HTTP is a "stateless" protocol. In particular, when you are doing on-line shopping, it is a real annoyance that the Web server can't easily remember previous transactions. This makes applications like shopping carts very problematic: when you add an entry to ...