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1. java session variables

i'm hearing that some people believe storing info on the server in a session is a bad idea, that its not secure. as a result, in a multi-page business process function, the ...

2. How to set session variable

I want to set the current form object as session parameter before submitting the form.Is it possible?

<FORM method="test" name="test" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="sample.jsp" >
<select name="test" id="test"> 
<input type="submit" value="Submit">
I want to set ...

3. How to identify when my session variable is changed?

I am having a session variable whose value can be changed from java and from Jsp as well. Is it possible to detect when this variable's value is changed?

4. How to find session variable present or not

How i can find values is set to variable in session or not?

if(session.getAttribute("tot_demand"))//need to change

  //if value is already set then do this.


  //if not set then do this.
Please ...

5. how to remove leading zeros from a session variable in jsp

i have a session variable -${reData.totalCharge} it may have values like 000000033. when I display the value in JSP I need only 33 to be displayed. how do you do ...

6. Session variable access with out session recreation

How to access a session variable with out session="true" tag in a jsp page ..? or with out recreating session.?

7. how to store javascript variable value in session

i want to store a javascript variable value in jsp session to use it further in my java classes methods. Please provide solution for storing any javascript variable in jsp session. ...

8. inconsistent behavior while accessing session variables in jsp

My web server - tomcat sets two attributes in the session. In the jsp page, am retrieving them as

<% String age = (String) session.getAttribute("age"); %>
Am setting this value to a ...

9. java- how to initialise session in second servlet (to get data stored by first servlet in session variable)

I am storing a variable in session data, from a servlet where the user tries logging in to my application. Now I want to retrieve the user data from session, in ...

10. can i retrieve session variables stored by a servlet 2steps before the current servlet/jsp?

I am trying to retrieve session variables that were stored by a servlet. In the application, the servlet redirects the user to a external authentication url (eg Windows Live auth)...and before ...

11. Is it possible to get a session variable for a jsp without an ActionBean?

I have map stored in session (MyActionBeanContext) that needs to be retrieved for header.jsp However, since header.jsp is embedded on many other jsp's, it is not connected with any ActionBean so I ...

12. XML Doc in JSP with sessionvariables

I have a JSP page where I am trying to display a Session Variable that is a string in XML format. I am attempting to do this by setting the ...

13. accessing session variables in javascript inside jsp

I need to provide data for google APIs table... so I'll send it from servlet to JSP but how can I access this data in "googles" javascript? I'll provide sample of another ...

14. javascript window.location and IE session variables are lost

I am loosing session variables when using Internet Explorer (IE 9) when using the javascript window.location function. I have noticed that the page before and the page after displays the same session ...

15. is it possible to share session variables between servlets/jsp and javascript functions?

I have a scenario where a form has to be filled in as easily as possible. The values to be filled in in the form, are asked from the user initially ...

16. get a session seam variable from servlet

Also, note that servlet requests are not contextual (so, you don't have Seam contexts associated with it, i.e., you don't have a conversation context). This is because the request is not processed by Seam, but by your own servlet, and therefore Seam does not have the information necessary to determine what contexts apply to your request.

17. JSP session - clear variable value

18. Session variables

Is there any special setup that is required for session variables in tomcat? I have two jsp's. One jsp creates some session variables. One jsp displays session variables. I run these on tomcat running standalone and they work correctly. If I run them on a server that is running tomcat with windows 2000 NT, they don't work. Please, please...does anyone have ...

20. Session variables in Netscape 4.76?

Hi Friends I need a solution for this doubt... I am having 2 jsp files called file1.jsp and file2.jsp. In file1.jsp i am getting the userid and password from the login page and stored that values in session variables. If i click the submit button in file1.jsp page it will goes to next page file2.jsp there i am doing some validation ...

21. Session Variables - Valid and otherwise

I'd like to create a session for my web page that expires after 15-20 minutes- then, once expired, have the user forwarded to the login page. I think I've got the timing thing down... session.setMaxInactiveInterval( x ); The part I don't know how to do is check for the invalid session and do the forward. I haven't found any way to ...

22. How to get values of all session variable--application wide?

I am trying to implement a admin jsp page which display all active users at the moment. Is it possible to somehow use session mechnism to implement that? For example: User A login with the user name "UA" and that user name is stored in a session variable "loginName". the current time is stored in a session variable "curTime" User B ...

23. Session Variables

24. How to assign a variable to a session?

25. Help Needed -- how do I store and retrieve a session variable?

I'm trying to keep a call in a JSP page to a bean from only happening once in a user's session. Trying to do things in the JSP page like session.setProperty("someproperty", "value"); and then later session.getProperty("someproperty", "value"); However, everytime I refresh the page (or go to another page in the site and come back to the JSP page with the above ...

27. Session Variables

Mathews Every time a session is created there is a unique session id created by the container and sent to the browser that originated the request that created the session. So if you have two users they would each get their own session id and then every time they request a resource from that application the container gets the session id ...

28. Session variables are getting hosed!

I have two JSPs and one Class file that is serializable (I call that my "bean") that I use to store values for JSP #1 and JSP#2. JSP #1 sets a value in my "bean" using a setter method. It does not matter that the value is char, string, or boolean. The user can click on a hyperlink that passes a ...

29. All set session Variables List

30. boolean variable in session

Hi, Can anyone tell me how Can I retriev a session variable as boolean. for Example I am settin a bolean value viewPermission as... boolean viewPermission = true; session.setAttribute("VIEW",viewPermission+""); How Can i get this Value in boolean form Session in a different Page boolean getviewPermission = ???; thanks for all your help. Anurag

32. session variable for file upload box

hey everyone, i am currently looking to get the filename from a file upload box on my html page and use it as a string on my jsp page, on my HTML page, and on my jsp page, String fileName = request.getParameter("fileName" ); this does not work, as 'fileName' seems to be staying null(i am guessing it ...

33. Fun with Session variables and scope

34. Session variable

35. Accessing session variables across Multiple applications

Yes, It is not possible. To solve this proble u have to pass the required information with the url. U can forwar and include the page of one application to another for that u have required the referance of context of the anothere application to wchi u want to include or forward.

37. How to display all session variables

38. Passing the session variable from one HTML to JSP through Servlets?

Hi, U can definitely create more then one Session variables but they will just be reference variables pointing to the same Session object. for example:- HttpSession objSess1 = request.getSession(); HttpSession objSess2 = request.getSession(); but both objSess1 and objSess2 point to the same session object, the actual session object which stores the session info and the session attributes. U would never need ...

39. About reassigning values to session variables

Actually I m develpoing an application where there are 3 kind of objects used.I want to uniquely identify the these 3 objects with some TYPE no. which should be in continuation.As well as some branch no is to be allocated to the sub parts of these object also they should be continuation of the previous values. So I have used session ...

40. Session variables in XSLT stylesheet

41. Basic question regarding predefined-variable: session

Hello, I'm trying to understand the difference between predefined-variable "session" with "request.getSession()". I read the API and it says something like this for request.getSession(): "Returns the current session associated with this request, or if the request does not have a session, creates one." I don't understand when I have to call request.getSession() and when I just need to use predefined-variable "session". ...

44. HTTP Session variable

Just to clear things up a bit, what Saif and Rahul said are both true, although the way the responded made it appear it might be 2 different answers. ;) The number of objects you can store in the session is dependent on how much memory you've allocated for the VM. The amount of memory allocated to the VM is dependent ...

45. Capture Session variable in java

46. session variable

47. Retrieving Session variables into another JSP

Hi friends I have just started learning JSP.I created 3 jsp's namely 1.jsp,2.jsp and 3.jsp as below: 1.jsp:

A: B:
<% String a = request.getParameter("a"); String b = request.getParameter("b"); session.setAttribute("a",a); session.setAttribute("b",b); %> 2.jsp:
C: D:

48. Session variables in JSP

I have an html page with a form that POSTs to a servlet. The servlet then creates some objects does some work and calls a JSP page. The JSP page displays the information along with another form. Some of the information it displays is session variables I set in the servlet. For example, I have this line of code in my ...

49. How to use a Session Variable in JSP

53. setting a session variable in a 'href'

hi i have a set of data that is displayed in a table in the JSP. and when the hyper link on reach row is clicked i was to sent the object related to that row as value in the session( because i need that object in next to navigations.) --------- the following code enables to pass parameters only

54. access session scope variables in jsp

56. and session variable

Hi, MY JSP page has a link and clicking on it opens a pop-up window using The contents in the pop-up window is generated dynamically based on the values in arraylist. This arraylist is in turn stored in session. The issue here is, the call to takes a new session and all the session variables are lost. Can somebody ...

57. Session variable returns null value

61. cannot get session variables

63. How much to use session variables?

64. session variable data lost or weirdness

I am having some problems with my session variables being lost, currently I think this is only for IE9. The code seems to work for FireFox/Chrome/Safari/IE8 but not for IE9. I have noticed that the SESSION IDS' returned are different when I use IE9, whereas with other browsers the ID's are the same. I think the problem could be in the ...

65. Setting a JavaScript Variable to Session

Hi All, I have an issue with setting a JavaScript variable to session. This is a string and I need to retrieve this in my Action Class and process further. I am using Struts 1.1. I have tried setting this variable as a hidden variable however, it doesn't reach the Action Class - I get a null value. Any suggestions on ...

66. variable session problem

Hi everybody. i have run my program in jsp but i have move it to servlet. during compilation, the following error ensued [code] C:\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\test\WEB-INF\classes>javac cannot find symbol symbol : variable session location: class Test String name = session.getAttribute("name").toString(); ^ 1 error [code] how do i define variable session or how do i fetch the session from the request ...

68. Access session variable in Java Function in JSP

Hi Experts !! I am developing an application using STRUTS MVC... Very sorry if u have problem understanding my question, i ll try to improve... and sorry if i can't post codes here Basic question is .... I want to open a word document on pageLoad of JSP, the word document is not a single document, there is a form in ...