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I want to do something like this:

<display:table name="${summary${index}}">
But it does not work throws exception: "${summary${selChrm}}" contains invalid expression(s). I would like the user to use a drop down list to choose ...

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How do I concatenate strings in EL? I want to do something like this but it doesn't work:

${var1 == 0 ? 'hi' : 'hello ' + var2}
It throws an exception trying to ...

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How to compare the strings in JSP EL. I tried to do

<select name="groupa" style="width: 170px">
   <option value ="-1">no group</option>
 <c:forEach var="gr" items="${sessionScope['entrantsAcceptor'].groups}">
  <option value="${gr.idGroup}" <c:if test="${gr.code == ...

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Apparently, you cannot use the normal + operator to append strings in jsp...at least its not working for me. Is there a way to do it? Fragment of my code that ...

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