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1. Iterating ArrayList of HashMaps using logic:iterate in Struts 1.1

I have a ArrayList of HashMaps to store some data in my program . Now i want to display the data on my jsp page. Please help me how to do it using ...

2. Retrieve the elements of ArrayList using struts 2 tag without using s:iterate

Source Code of

package com.test;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class LoginAction {

    private List list;

    public void setList(List list) {

3. How to hide ArrayList in the JSP and get value to the next actionClass

I'm stuck with in a place, where I want to generate a xls report, for which I need to pass the list to the JSP. I'm getting data as null, I feel ...

4. HashMap< String, ArrayList >: Unable to populate the Array List from JSP

hi, When we had the data structure as: HashMap the following jsp fragment was able to populate it: but the same thing is not working with HashMap > when we tried: (); mapOfList.put("key", new ArrayList()); still no luck.... Using POJOs instead ...

5. STruts 2 - populating an ArrayList from the JSP

Hi, My action looks like this: class TravellerAction extends ActionSupport{ private Plan itinerary; // More.. } The class "Plan" is a travel plan for a user and contains an ArrayList of cities you wanna visit: class Plan { private ArrayList cities; // More.. } Now, when a ...

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