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1. How to set dynamic value to "value" attribute of struts html:button tag?    stackoverflow.com

I am using following button tag to display button by passing some runtime value to "value" attribute:

<html:button  styleClass="button50" value="<%=no_list %>" onclick="callOneFunction(this);" />
it is throwing an jasper exception saying, setValue(String) cannot ...

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I don't really know how to title my question, but I have a JSP page with a table displaying elements from a database, and I want to have a button for ...

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i want to open a new window from a button, but in this new window I retrieve an address from my servlet (Action)

<html:button property="bouton" styleId="bouton" styleClass="boutonYellow" style="border: 1px solid rgb(0, 38, ...

4. How to Distinguish buttons in a JSP under Tabbed Pane    struts.1045723.n5.nabble.com

Hi, I have a tabbed pane under which I display some JSP that has 2 buttons save and back. I use notifyTopics to notify the tabbed pane. I want to implement the back functionality but dont know how to distinguish if Back button was clicked (or Save button) as control alwasy come to execute(). Control is not coming ...

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6. Struts Button    coderanch.com

I need to do a demo of a application that I started in Struts. All I want is a user to click a button and it takes them to another page. Can this be done without adding and Action code.. This is what I have thus far... How can I get this to work?