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1. in JSP is there a way to pass HttpServletRequest object as an attribute to another HttpServletRequest object

I am using Struts/JSP for a webapp. I have a page A where I am collecting user defined parameters (as request parameters can't make them session params) and then I go ...

2. Error "HttpServletRequest refers to the missing type String"

i am implementing a project in struts in which i am getting an error in jsp page. i have already configured tomcat6, jre and jdk6 in eclipce ide.
code is


error is
The method getContextPath() ...

3. How to access the Struts value stack from the HttpServletRequest object?

I have come across some code that is accessing a value that is stored in the struts value stack by simply calling getAttribute() on the HttpServletRequest object. I didnt think this ...

4. Struts2 :Is there any scenario where a Action class requires HttpServletRequest object

I have read this below para from a website :

When a Action class requires objects such as the HttpServletRequest ,that can be obtained by asking the ActionContext or implementing ServletRequestAware. 
Could ...

5. How to user HttpServletRequest getRemoteUser() method on struts2 tag?

Hi all, I want to know what is there a way through the ognl tag in struts2 access to the HttpServletRequest getRemoteUser() method I google a lot of about this issue but i can't find any resolvent. Someone know how to do it? Any input will be great ... Thank you Gordian

6. [S2] NPE trying to get HttpServletRequest in 2.0.8

Hi, I'm attempting to update to 2.0.8, and I've run into a strange issue. In our custom interceptors, we attempt to get the HttpServletRequest like so: HttpServletRequest request = ServletActionContext.getRequest(); This is returning null in 2.0.8 (although it works fine 2.0.7. When we change it to the following, it works: ActionContext ac = actionInvocation.getInvocationContext(); HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest)ac ...

7. struts 1.2 - HttpServletRequest.getRemoteUser() returns NULL

Hi, We are developing a web application with Single Sign On (SSO) feature using struts 1.2 and are using tomcat 6.0 container for deployment. We want to achieve a scenario similar to Windows Authentication. For this we want to know the user (user name who has logged in to the Windows OS) who has hit the website URL. I tried ...

8. Struts2 + JFreeChart Plugin + HttpServletRequest

My JFreeChart action class implements ServletRequestAware, but setServletRequest is not being called. Here is my definition from struts.xml: ...