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I have a page called home.jsp in my struts2 application. I have embedded a html (screencompany.html) page within this home.jsp. I am trying to embed an image within the html page. ...

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This is in continuation with my previous question which was not framed properly. I have an iframe in a jsp class which is calling a struts2 action class in its src, but ...

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I'm having some issues getting my pdf file to display in my jsp page. I have the pdf saved on my tomcat server with a file location as follows c:/tomcat 6.0/webapps/appname/reports/saved/filename.pdf I ...

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I have a question like when i call the jsp page from within iframe, is the struts method get called first and then the action class renders the jsp page or ...

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My scenerio is as follows I have two jsp webpage

and are called like the one below
Now i want to see search.jsp inside admin.jsp so I put search.jsp in an iframe inside ...