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1. What does it mean by putting dots into a struts forward tag?

As the example below, I came across this one when reading the source code of JAVA D.I.Y Forum.

<forward name="feedback" path=""/>
<forward name="group" path=""/>

2. Struts2: How do I tell my index.jsp to forward to a struts2 action?

Oftentimes when I see an index.jsp on a web application it just forwards to another url like login.jsp such as

<jsp:forward page="login.jsp" />
When using struts2, I want a similar index.jsp but ...

3. JSP:forward Question

I am just getting started on web app development. I have an index.jsp that has just ONE line.

< jsp:forward page=""/>
What does
  • the above line do?
  • ...

4. How to easily forward from a jsp to several actions

I am quite a newbie on struts, and here is my problem : I have a jsp which is accessed from several actions. On this jsp, i have a 'Back' button which ...

5. Exception handling in Struts 1.1/Forwarding

I'm having a bit of an issue with Struts 1.1 exception handling. I've got a GeneralExceptionHandler defined for a global exception for java.lang.Exception. I've also got a CustomExceptionHandler defined for a ...

6. Will tomcat creates a new session for every forward to a jsp page

I want my web application to contain only one session created at login. But my server is creating a separate session for every request to a jsp page. ...

7. Forward to pages

I need some help with referencing static jsp pages from links. ex. <a href="?"... If I called profile.jsp from a link it would result 404 and I don't want to call it ...

8. How to get the values from two jsp pages forward and backword action in Struts2?

Hi I have Two JSP pages and Are references Same Struts Action class.When moving forward the Values from the first jsp page are available in the Second JSP.But when i click ...

9. Struts ActionMapping.forward and JSP's

Hi all, I have JMeter working nicely, and while I can call Struts actions and measure the call, I don't seem to be getting the JSP result via a call like: public ActionForward search(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception ...

10. Forward to different JSPs

Hi, in my web application I want to call one single action class from different JSPs. After that the class should return to the JSP from that it was called. In my struts action tags I have to define an input JSP for every action:

11. Problem with stripping the .jsp part from the forward

Hi All, I am using struts 1.3.4 with tiles. Facing a weird issue.Forward to abc.jsp removes the ".jsp" part and says that "abc" not found and gives a path validation error. This is happening with the introduction of a new jsp.The old app is working fine. IF anyone can think of anything from on top of their head,that would be great. ...

12. [s2] Forward directly to JSP w/o processing

Hi. I have a few places in my web app where a URL goes to a page that is more or less static. We still use JSPs for these static pages, since we're looking to use Tiles to re-use header/footer code and so on. Currently, though, my attempts to get Struts2 are just yielding no response on the server, and I ...

13. Struts - Forwarding to another Servlet

14. problem forwarding a to jsp in struts