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1. email integration along with struts

Is there anything similar to freemarker that can be used along with struts.

2. Freemarker or JSP?

which one is better? i want to make web based application , new to Java world but not to the programming.....

3. Struts2 debug tag thinks toString() is udefined

Debug tag in Struts2 keeps getting this error. Any ideas what could cause this?

FreeMarker template error!

Expression stackObject.value.get(propertyName).toString() is undefined on line 58, column 122 in template/simple/debug.ftl.
The problematic instruction:
==> ${stackObject.value.get(propertyName).toString()?html} [on line ...

4. Freemarker in JSP

Struts 2's default markup language is Freemarker and all themes are written in this language only. Your view is using this tag "" right, in that look at the theme="simple" attribute, these are written in freemarker only. Its shipped as part ur jar. Now, coming to ur error. I think ur "permissionlevel" variable in action is not properly ...

5. [s2] Possible security issue when using JSP/FreeMarker EL in Struts tags

An astute WebWork 2 user [1] pointed out a possible security issue when using JSP or FreeMarker EL in your Struts 2 tags. I committed the fix proposed in the ticket [2], but I'd like to get some more feedback before doing the security release. Unfortunately, the fix could break many Struts 2/WebWork 2 applications and doesn't address the ...

6. Strange effect on JSP and FreeMarker support

Hi all This is not a problem, but a strange effect that I noticed when I developed FreeMarker support and refactored JSP support. I created a new module called "tiles-template" that contains all the common code between JSP and FreeMarker. It is real "common code" because, with few exception (namely InsertContainerTag, SetCurrentContainerTag, DestroyContainerTag) all the technology-specific code is essentially an "interface" ...