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1. How to iterate a table in JSP using Struts tags?

<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" width="100%" class="boxtbl">
  <th rowspan="2" class="fntnrml" colspan="5">Trip ID</th>
  <bean:write name="loan" property="tripID1" /> 
  <td><html:checkbox property="ZAXY" /></td>
  <td><bean:write name="loan" property="Profile11" /></td>
  <td><bean:write name="loan" property="StartDt11" ...

2. Iterating over hashmap in JSP in struts application

I have a HashMap object that I am getting on a JSP page.

HashMap<Integer,Gift_product> gift_hm = new HashMap<Integer,Gift_product>();
gift_hm.put(17,new Gift_product("doll",67));
Now I need to iterate this and display content on JSP. The Gift_product class contains ...

4. Iterate 2 Lists in parallel in a JSP

I need to iterate through 2 list in paralell in a JSP. I have list1 and list2, and I need to iterate both at same time, or at least access to ...

5. Why does struts iterate inserts blank lines in the source code?

I have this code:

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="logic"%>

<% List<String> years = new ArrayList<String>(); %>

<logic:iterate name="ActiviteHolidayForm" property="holidayDays" id="line">
The problem is that this code inserts a huge number of blank ...