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1. Comparing Struts 2 Nested Iterators

Suppose that I have two objects with the same property name that I am iterating over with Struts 2.

class Book {

// assume that there is a public getter and setter
public String ...

2. Can i use iterator within iterator on jsp in struts2.0?

This is the ArrayList defined in the

private ArrayList<LocWiseSaleParam> locWiseSaleList;

where LocWiseSaleParam is myaction class
I am using a iterator on jsp and accessing its values. but can i use the ...

3. Struts 2 iterator not working in a JSP

The code below (part of a JSP) is not printing out anything, even though I know for a fact that there are members of the iterator that pass the test. ...

4. struts2 iterator: avoiding code duplication

I'm creating a form where the user needs to add form elements dynamically. addEmptyItem() accomplishes this by cloning the first item in the given list, clearing its values, updating its ...

5. Use Struts if Statement inside iterator

I really need your help. I have the following Struts2 iterator?

<s:iterator value="familiari" status="entry"> 
How can I test the addess propery is empty?? the following does not work
<s:if test="#entry.addess!=''">

6. JSP Struts reverse iterator

I got a jsp page where Struts iterator is used to fetch items from the db. Is there some way reverse the order of the result set? Note: I don't have the source ...

7. logic:iterator not working

I am new to struts please help me to find out the error like value does not parse from data base.while im executing the page some empty value.please find out ...