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hi, Thanks for the replies. Actually the main reason why i wanted to display only the root name in my url (remove index.do) is to avoid the display of jsessionid (my cookies is already enabled). I am currently using Struts2. I will try to follow the blog link and will confirm later. Thanks to all.

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Hi all; I am coding with standart jsp and servlets right now...and when i am posting forms i reference to another .jsp file in the form action instead of using just the servlet name... I dont know much about struts.its aim is to use servlets directly after defining in web.xml? do i need something extra to start using struts?please give me ...

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Membership membership = (Membership)session.getAttribute("member"); String username = membership.getUser_name(); System.out.println("USER NAME:"+username); String first_name = request.getParameter("first_name"); System.out.println("FIRST NAME:"+first_name); String last_name = request.getParameter("last_name"); String address1 = request.getParameter("address1"); String address2 = request.getParameter("address2"); String city = request.getParameter("city"); String state = request.getParameter("state"); String postcode = request.getParameter("postcode"); String home_phone = request.getParameter("home_phone"); String mobile = request.getParameter("mobile"); String dob = request.getParameter("dob");

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I am populating table in jsp using iterator. In that iterator i am using checkbox as last column and selecting needed rows. On the server side the action class is getting only the true values of checkbox_list. I want to get false values as well. Please help me out......