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1. Java Struts list listKey listValue listClass?

Well new to the java stuff and having trouble with assigning a class attribute to this SELECT options. wanted to know if the listClass is correct? What I'm trying to accomplish ...

2. using one of list items for headerValue of s:select tag

I have a list and I show it with s:select without any problem but I want it's header value to be one of list's items and it differs on different runs. ...

3. Facing problem in sending List objects from jsp.

4. List Iterator in JSP

5. Setting/Accessing List Size on JSP

How do I set/display the size of my list in the result of my jsp? I am able to check for the size in my iterator tag, but I would like to be able to display the size as a property. I have tried the following and it didn't work. Thanks, Cory