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1. Unable to find the path to JSP in struts

I am working on WCS 6.0 which makes use of the struts framework. The entry for one of the views(CategoryDisplayView) is defined as the following global forward in the struts config xml

<forward ...

2. Getting the path name of a page who inserts a Struts tile from the inserted Struts tile

I've got a JSP which inserts a Struts tile, which is another JSP. Now I want to get from inside the inserted Struts tile the (path) name of the JSP which inserted ...

3. Retrieve the full path to a folder on an intranet

How can we make from a jsp using a component-type browse, retrieve the full path to a folder on an intranet

4. Struts 2 Include Tag

I have two JSP files in the same folder on a java webapp. Let's call them index.jsp and myInclude.jsp. I want to include myInclude.jsp inside index.jsp. The webapp is not being ...

5. Application path in Weblogic server

In Struts action class how do I get the application path? I want to read an XML file from webcontent\applicationName\Config\myxml.xml Thanks.

6. Forward to different path in Struts 2

I'm developing a login page for users, users with admin priviledge are forwarded to a specific path, and users with user privledge are forwarded to another path. I want to forward ...