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1. Problem setting back indexed properties from JSP to action class

We are working with struts 2.0.14 and facing problem setting back indexed properties from JSP to action class. Code looks similar to this.

  public class MyExample ...

2. My Property is not rendring on the jsp in struts 2.0

I have set a property in Action class as follows

public class HelloWorld{
  public String execute() { ANNOTATION #1
  setCustomGreeting( GREETING + getName() );
  return "SUCCESS"; 

3. Deleting an item from an indexed property - JavaBeans question

I'm working with indexed properties (using struts and java/jsp). We have a dynamic table that can add/delete rows/items in the table. The adding of rows works as intended - I see ...

4. Accessing a Javabean property using

I have a JSP and I want to fill some fields with information from my Action class. In my Action class I have a PersonDTO object. It's some example code only to get ...

5. in struts how do you set the id property for html:hidden

I want to put a hidden input onto my html form and am doing so with the following struts tag:

<html:hidden property="currentPage" value="page1"></html:hidden>
which renders this html:
<input type="hidden" value="page1" name="currentPage">
How do I set ...

6. adding new item in indexed property of struts

here is what i want to do: I have an actionForm with an indexed property(a list of districts), I have managed to show and bind all items to form the list districts. ...

7. JSP page not populating the formBean property associated with

<html:select property="fileLocation">
    ArrayList uploadLocationLookUp = null;
    uploadLocationLookUp = (ArrayList) request.getSession().getAttribute("uploadLocation");
    if (uploadLocationLookUp.size() != 0) {

8. How to access static property in jsp page using struts

HI, In case of webworks to access static properly in jsp page we used to do as below