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1. How to forward to a servlet after writing response

Is is possible to forward to url after commiting response ?

2. deviate the response from provider to relying party incase of using openid

i am trying to redirect the response which is sent by the provider to the consumer incase of openid perspective. in this the authentication process that is done at the website ...

3. how do i make the tomcat server send a 403 Forbidden response in JSP and in Struts?

I am having difficulty with authentication of user levels. I have to kinds of users "user" and "administrators". What we did in mySQL db is make a user table and in it, a "level" column is placed containing whether a user is "administrator" or not. there's no problem with this actually (I just wrote the situation and setup). *Now, I want ...

4. including the output of an action execution in a servlet response.

Hi all, I have a servlet that I want to include the result of a struts2 action in the response. I have a method that's called from my servlet's doGet method, which does something along the lines of ..... RequestDispatcher requestDisp = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/somepackage/ExampleAction.action"); ...

5. Response various from struts page and jsp page

Most novices misunderstand the flow of web applications. When response is sended back to browser, browser do not have any special knowledge who generated request (servlet, jsp, struts(manual?,jsp?,velocity?)). But you can pass this information by yourself. For example, generate hidden field in response form, so your next submit processing can investigate this parameter. --> Render response Servlet --> out.print("