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1. Comparing struts ognl value to scriptlet value in JSP

I have to compare this to a value like below:

${page_id } ---- <% out.print(a); %>

<c:if test="${page_id != a}">
How can I do this?

2. Any fast way to convert a scriptlet-infected JSP app into Struts?

We've got a legacy app to support. It's pure JSP, i.e. JSP opens connections, does business logic, submits forms (usually to the same JSP), and so on. It's 400+ pages, with ...

3. How to get JSP scriptlet value in struts tag

Here is my code

       request.setAttribute("lcItem", "Hello");

if I do as following, m not gettin the value
<s:property value="%{lcItem}"/>
<s:property value="lcItem"/>
If you have any suggestion plz specify Thanks in advance, Cheers ...

4. Is it possible to access struts2 variable in jsp scriptlet?

Is it possible to access struts2 variable in jsp scriptlet? If I have struts2 variable like

<s:set var="test" value="%{'true'}"/>
Can I use variable "test" in JSP scriptlet? If yes. How is it possible? Can anyone give ...

5. Struts2 scriptlet

Using struts2 with jsp with standard struts tag libraries. I'm trying to dynamically hide a DIV on page load, but still send it to the browser. This is so I can ...

6. Struts2 - JSP Scriptlet

Hi. I am migrating a module from struts1.0 to struts2.1.2. I am facing problem while using scriptlet [ <%=jsp_variable_name%> ] in struts2 tags. Is there any way I can use scriptlet in struts2 tags.?? regards, Rajil Davda