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1. Why Tiles REGEXP wildcard definition cause endless jsp including error    stackoverflow.com

I use tiles 2.2.2 with Struts2 2.2.3, since Struts2-Tiles plugin is quite old, its implementation uses many Tiles deprecated API, and I want to try REGEXP wildcard, so I implement my ...

2. How to return an 404 error when I use Struts 2 wildcard configuration?    stackoverflow.com

I am building a website using struts 2 . Here is a clip of my "struts.xml":

<action name="*" class="com.domain.actions.UserAction" method="{1}">        
    <result name="myresult">/Pages/myresult.jsp</result>

3. Can't get attribute value in JSP from tiles if using wildcard character in definition name in tiles 2.1    struts.1045723.n5.nabble.com

Hi Antonio, Thanks for your reply. Here is the code snippet. I have added all jars and imported all taglibs. If I click the following link user Overview If I keep tiles:user:overview definition in tiles then it's working but if I remove tiles:user:overview definition from tiles and keep tiles:*:* definition then it's not finding pageName aatribute. Can you please help ...