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1. retrieve a row in a table

Thinking out loud: You could try placing value in the hidden field with an iterated number in the end. For example: Then upon clicking the choosing the checkbox, add a snipet of code that retrieves the same value of iterated number of the hidden field with that of the checkbox. Hope that makes sense.

2. Strange problem in retrieving the table data in a jsp

Hi all , I am developing a bookstore application for my school project with JSP ,JAVA Beans and servlets. Initially user goes to the home page and searches for a book using some criteria and it pulls the matching records. For example Author isbn price JavaProgramming 157668 35 AddTo Cart JavaServlets 548698 45 AddTo Cart For the above output the following ...

3. retrieve data row from a table

Hello, I'm new to JSP and I'm doing a project on it. I am trying to adapt the MVC model as much as possible. So, my Controller talks to the Model which accesses a SQL database to retrieve the required information.Then the Controller dispatches data to the View (the JSP page). I could do these steps successfully (I'm just trying to ...