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1. 2 instances of the same table inside jsp

Currently there are 2 pages in a jsp file: one of them displays the data and the second one is used for pagination. The task is to include exactly the same ...

2. Programming a Savings Account Java Table to show an increment of 2

I'm working on a network application for my class. Basically I have to write java and jsp to make a site that gives the .jsp output below (which is preceded ...

3. Class objects and JSP

I have a class Products, which has the attributes name, description and price. I intend to populate products in the application scope of my project. How do I go about achieving that? Secondly, ...

4. how to minimize & maximize table in jsp

i want to minimize & maximize my table in jsp. what should I do? thanks in advance.

5. How can i write the code for making a table in javascript?

I've a drop down image.I want to show a table consisting of 3 rows and 1 column in the same page on onmousemove event of the image. Can you please tell ...

6. Fill a table in a jsp from servlet when jsp loads?

Hi everyone, I am a beginner with java. I have 2 jsp pages and 1 servlet (so far). When my index.jsp loads, I would like to fill a table, with data coming from the servlet. I know how to access the servlet through the form action tag and submit button. BUT, I want this table to get filled when the page ...

7. Question on table heading and table columne alignment

I have a jsp page where a session bean with a Vector of Objects is passed in. I want to display selected fields for each element from this Vector in a table somewhere in the page. The list can be large/long both vertically and horizontally. The table is to be within a and so naturally I would like to have ...

8. Table does not exist

9. table, tr, td, th in JSP

No and no. Firstly, the table row, table data and other table construction tags are not "legal" outside of the table tag (whether some browsers are lenient about it or not is another question). With regards to JSP, remember that the sole purpose of JSP is to format text to send to the browser, so if you are using your JSP ...

10. JSP Tables

11. Empty Table Notification

I have a Table entitled rpdnotification that has the following fields - subject, authority, startdate, narrative, and rundays. It prints out on a report for x number of days (Normally the user will select 5 days). Sometimes there are no notifications. Is there a way to load a message into the subject field that if the table has 0 records than ...

12. how to save a table from jsp

13. table distribution in jsp

14. execute Create table statement from JSP

15. JSP Big Table Load

We use a Java class to creat a big html table, and then load it from a Jsp page. The problem is Sometimes last part of the table is not displayed. It means e.g.: it returns 500 lines (the return string is current in TableBuilder class, but it only shows maybe 450 lines(The table created in Java is finished and correct). ...

16. Get table names

17. enabling Listing in jsp tables

18. A JSP table issue

19. time table in jsp

20. Tables in servlets/JSP(Urgent !!)

21. Generating table with servlet

What I am trying to say is that the width attribute of the tables does not seem to work when the table is generated by servlet. I have a very long text insert the table cell. I find that if I create the table by writing the html page manually, the table maintained its width of 200 and the text got ...

22. How to show a table in Servlet

23. problem accessing two tables from servlet

ya it will match only one if.... if(subject.equals("mechanical")) { .... .... i = p_stmt.executeUpdate(); } else if(subject.equals("electrical")) { .... .... i = p_stmt1.executeUpdate(); } now what is happenin is that if mechanical is selected then it is going in the if loop and updating the table but if electrical is selected it does not execute the executeUpdate() different tables are updated ...

24. Toggling of a table

25. Table in JSP

27. jsp table

If you leave the tds inside the loop then you will have the cnt value repeated in all rows. In order to help you most please post to me the layout you are wishing to display and accordingly we can correct the loop. I apologize for not putting my code in tags.

28. Generating tables

29. how to create summary and detail table

Hi Seetharaman, thank you very much on your reply, i'm very new in programming especially in jsp and this is my 1st building blocks to familiar myself in programming anyways i follow your code and it show some error and this is the logs generated Mar 17, 2010 1:30:47 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve invoke SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception java.lang.AbstractMethodError at ...

30. crating a table using JSP

31. striped table in JSP

I am displaying code from a DB. What I want to do is to give it some format to my table. By format i mean html color so that each odd rows have a gray background and even rows have a white background, like a striped table. how can i create that dinamic table? This is what i have for my ...

33. Creating a table in a JSP

34. creating table in JSP