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<% List temp = (List); Iterator it1 = temp.iterator(); while(it1.hasNext()) { Object obj =; %> <% } %> ...

1. How do I get values from table in JSP?

I am working on a project and I got a problem. I am using JSP and MS-Access. I have a table and I want to get it values as follows:
This is table:

Service ...

3. how to get values from table in jsp

Hi, I have a table in jsp with dynamically generated rows and coloumns.My first column is of check boxes,second is of some data,third of data and so on.Now when I select check boxes either 1 or more than 1 I need to get those values of that rows, from table in my jsp.So please help me in getting these values. Thanks ...

4. getting values to table using ajax and servlet

i am developing a application where the page contains two drop downs and a table with five columns.By using ajax and servlet i had retrieved values in drop down 2 based on drop down 1. say drop down 1 as institution and drop down2 as course .when i click drop down1( institutions) i got auto matically the corresponding courses in dropdown2 ...

5. get table values from jsp to servlet

//employeeMaintenance.jsp .... <% List result = employeeView.getEmployeeList(); Iterator it = result.iterator(); while(it.hasNext()){ %>

Select EmployeeID First Name Last Name Phone Number Auth Level
<% out.print(obj); %>

6. set values in a table from other