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1. How can I share my JSP .tag files between multiple contexts?

I have a set of .tag files (for example a tag that renders a copyright notice) that I want to share across all my application contexts on my Tomcat application server. I've ...

2. Can I use a JSP tag library with FreeMarker for a non-web context?

I was investigating FreeMarker (and also Velocity), and one of the things I liked about FreeMarker was that I could use it with my existing JSP tags. However, it's become ...

3. How to add custom VariableResolver to JSP Context in Jsp 2.0 to support special EL?

I'm building my own JSP Tag Library which need to support some features that Application developers can use like this:

<w:user-label id="usrlb" value="${session.user}"/>
<w:textbox id="tb" label="User Name" value="${}"/>
which means I want my EL ...