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1. Strip Images, CSS and JS from servlet-mapping

I am using the following servlet-mapping in my web.xml file:

To do some kind of a ...

2. How to display an image which is in bytes to jsp page using html tags?

Hi All :
I have ByteArrayOutputStream which contains a jpeg image in bytes. My requirement is to display that image in jsp page(to display the image in front end using html ...

3. image display on jsp page

i am using<img src="../img/image.gif" /> to display the image on jsp but it show a smalll icon. img folder are parallel to jsps folder Directory structure: WebContent ...

4. How to insert alt tags dynamically in jsp

I want to insert an alt tag in the following lines of jsp code how do I accomplish this?

<li class="carousel-promo">
<c:when test="${mediaType eq 3}">
    <dsp:valueof ...

5. How to add a image tag in a html servlet?

I am new to java, and am trying to add an image 'space.gif' from a file path through a html servlet.

public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)

6. Generating an Image in Custom Tag

Hi guys, I'm trying to generate an image from a byte array and then display it in an iterator tag. The trouble is that the tag doe not seem to write the data until it has finished iteration, so I just get the image of the last item repeated over and over. Here is the iterator tag:

8. Image Tag Library

I simply need to rotate an image 90 degrees. It looks like the cleanest design option is to use Jakarta's sandbox Image Tag Library. The example program packaged with it appears to execute properly; however, when I run my own sample implementation my image does not display at all. And when I view the page source there is no image tag. ...

10. streaming images from custom tags

11. image tag in JSP

12. problem in pointing to a servlet from image tag.

response.setContentType("text/html;charset=UTF-8"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); FileInputStream fis = null; try { Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver"); Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@pc009384:1521:pc009384", "aj033", "AJ033"); PreparedStatement pst1 = conn.prepareStatement("select pic from b where id=?"); ResultSet rs1= pst1.executeQuery(); while( { byte[] bytearray = new byte[4096]; int size=0; InputStream image; image = rs1.getBinaryStream(1); response.reset(); response.setContentType("image/gif"); while((!= -1 ){ response.getOutputStream().write( bytearray,0,size); } response.flushBuffer(); image.close(); rs1.close();

13. v:image tag in a jsp?