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1. indispensible JSP tag libraries

I'm interested to know what are the "must have" JSP tag libraries apart from JSTL. All I've found so far are

  • ccc - for accessing static constants in JSP (without ...

2. What is the use of TAG Libraries in JSP and why we are using it?

I am new to JSP and i've come accross Tag libraries, Please give me some detail explaination of tag libraries, where and what type of application we should use that? Thanks in ...

3. Where can I find the tag library definition and source code for Sun's jsp tag?

In particular I want to view the Java source code implementation for <jsp:forward>, but clicking on the tag does not bring me to a TLD, but instead to an XSD.

4. JSP Type resolve issues with Java Tag Libraries

I'm trying to get the Tag Libraries Tutorial from sun working. If deploying the .war File in Tomcat 6.0.20, I'm just getting two kind of errors on each ...

5. Recommended JSP tag libraries

I'm looking for a collection of rich, well-written, stable, customizable and cool jsp 'controls'.

  • JSF has richfaces, primefaces, icefaces
  • GWT has ext-gwt, gwt-ext, advanced-gwt, on-gwt
Does something like this exist in JSP? Some ...

6. Question about custom JSP tag library

I have a custom JSP taglib included in my JSP page which says

<%@ taglib uri="xyz" prefix="xyz" %>
Where and how can I find out where is this defined exactly? And also if I ...

7. What are the differences between Custom Tag Libraries and Core Tag Libraries in JSP?

What is the difference between Custom Tag Libraries and Core Tag Libraries in JSP?

8. Tag Libraries

9. Tag Libraries

Hi friends, I am in deep trouble. Can anyone tell me What is tag library? Actually i am using Jrun. And the book i am from where i am reading is based on weblogic server. So the syntax which they use for taglib directive is :- <%@ taglib uri="META-INF.taglib.tld" prefix="example" %> Where else uri is the path for the tld file. ...

10. Tag Libraries

Hi all, I had written a tag library in which I am give the type of the file and the name of the file and my tag is supposed to create the path specific to the type and and display the file Say for example an image the tag will be my tag handler when called ...

11. Tag library ...

I have a class which extends BodyTagSupport and have my implementation done in doAfterBody() method. My question is i am catching some user defined exceptions in this method and i wan't to ignore the rest of the page, so i am having at the end of my catch block a statement like this "return (SKIP_BODY)" but its not Skipping Body content, ...

12. Tag Library Question

13. JBuilder 6 and custom tag-libraries

Hello. I have had a chance to lurk on this site and found it really great. So I really hope one of you can help me. Thank you. I searched the JavaRanch Saloon for an answer and 'googled' up to about page 20 and still nothing. I am using JBuilder 6 and I am trying to use a custom tag library ...

14. tag lib question - urgent

Originally posted by cj jack: Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that a value for an attribute can only be set to a scriptlet expression or a static(literal) value. That's right - a literal value or a JSP runtime expression, although with the JSTL and JSP 2.0 you can use the included "expression language". In ...

15. tag libs with weblogic6.1

Hi All , I am new to jsp and just been trying to work with tag libs on weblogic6.1 . I am working with an example from professional jsp (wrox publications) book . Tag lib only prints "hello world" . The following is the jsp <%@ taglib uri="hello.tld" prefix="examples" %> First custom tag this is static output ...

16. Simple Tag Libraries (strange problems indeed!)

import javax.servlet.jsp.*; import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*; public class HelloUser extends TagSupport { private String username = ""; public HelloUser() {} public String getUsername() { return this.username; } public void setUsername(String newUsername) { this.username = newUsername; } public int doStartTag() throws JspException { try { pageContext.getOut().print("Hello " + this.getUsername() + "!"); } catch (Exception ex) { System.err.println("Exception thrown in HelloUser.doStartTag():"); System.err.println(ex.toString()); throw new JspException(ex.getMessage()); ...

17. Tag libs.... Please help

Hi, I am using if tags inside for tag, like this
Element: <%=v.elementAt(i.intValue())%>
Second Element: <%=v1.elementAt(j.intValue())%>
here v and v1 are vectors my aim of if tag is checking when (i==j) But it is not doing it Can anyone help me Thanks

18. Custom Tag Libraries

19. jsp tag libs..

20. "Professional JSP Tag Libraries"

JSP has a big drawback is that it has to use a heavy-weight web server (Weblogic, WebSphere, JRun, TomCat, etc.) in comparison with ASP, which use IIS/PWS included in Windows system as a module. If you have Windows OS you are OK with no extra worries. Basically, JSP and ASP server the same purpose for users.

21. Tag Library Many Results

I've not seen any tags that specifically deal with paging results from a (SQL?) select statement, but it's easy enough to do with iteration tags. I think that Shawn has an example in his book (JSTL in Action) that uses the JSTL, and I have one in mine (Professional JSP Tag Libraries) that uses non-JSTL tags - both of which are ...

22. The winners of "Professional JSP Tag Libraries"

Thank you Carl & David. Congrates to ...Ali, Ravi and Marcellus. It was the nice moment when I have first open my mail box and found the first mail of Carl...You are one of the Winner. Thanks to all RANCHites. Let me say that now a days, people says that we are member of this and that Club/Association... But now for ...

23. tag libs in jsp

24. tag library for JDOM documents

25. Tag Libraries

I'm confused. How do I go about trying to find a suitable tag for a particular piece of code e.g. browse button, search button etc. I know that these exist in tag libraries - but how do you actually identify the right one? Are there web sites showing an image of say, the browse button, along with the tag required (and ...

26. Tag library - release method() never gets called

It's a common misconception that the release() method of a tag handler gets called before every invocation of a tag - whether it is reused or not. This is not true. The release() method is called when the JSP container has finished using the tag. So, what this means for containers that don't reuse instances is that release() gets called after ...

27. jsp tag library...

Hi Everyone, I'm using tag library in my works fine but when it is sent to load testing. i mean for concurrent users it gives the following exception... javax.servlet.jsp.JspException at java.lang.Throwable.fillInStackTrace(Native Method) at java.lang.Throwable.fillInStackTrace(Compiled Code) at java.lang.Throwable.(Compiled Code) at java.lang.Exception.(Compiled Code) at javax.servlet.jsp.JspException.(Compiled Code) at Code) at partorderinquiry.partinquiry._PartInquiry_jsp_0._jspService( at org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase.service(Compiled Code) at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(Compiled Code) at org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspServlet$JspServletWrapper.service(Compiled Code) at org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspServlet.serviceJspFile(Compiled ...

28. JSP Tag LIBRARY.....

31. Next 10 records - Tag library

Hi, We are creating an application which has the item listing(Prev 10 records/ Next 10 records) in most of the web pages. Is it possible to write this as a tag library and include it in the required JSP pages instead of repeating the same logic in all the jsps. the point to be noted here is that the bean class ...

32. custom tag libs pls help very urgent

33. Tag Library for JFreeReport

34. Tags/Tag Libs help

35. JSP Tag Lib

36. Tag Libs

37. Tag lib

You normally define a taglib like this: web.xml: jsp: <%@ taglib uri="http://your-path/taglib.tld" prefix="weblogic" %> So it can be that in your example the tags were only defined with different Prefixes or it can be that these are totally different Tags. You can check this in the tld file which belongs to the Tag

38. Which tag libraries to use????

39. Custom tag lib help

Hi, If you want to access the variables and print on the page them using the taglib, I suggest you have a look at the code of JSTL. In JSTL there is a custom tag 'C'. You can use to print the var. on the page. Or better way if you can use the JSTL for all your needs it ...

40. Tag Library!!!

You could probably get any number of reasons to use custom tags over beans -- but in all honesty I have no idea what the previous poster is trying to say. Search through this forum for previous topics on the same subject for other views. If I get a chance later I'll enter a lengthier response, but in short for me ...

41. JSP Custom Tag Lib

42. Tag library problem ...

43. How do you create your tag libraries?

I am trying to figure out how to set up my dev environment. If you build your own tag libraries, I have some questions for you. Do you build the tag libraries according to some specs and deliver them to page designers (or yourself), or do you build the JSP pages and tag library simultaneously, on an as needed basis? Do ...

44. tags vs tag libraries

45. Tag Library ..???

46. tag library types

47. Tag Library - Common code

Good Day All !! This may be totally newbie - but that's ok,I am a newbie. Anyways, here's how it looks. I've got a custom tag library built by another coder that I'm trying to modify. My modifications involve adding a few variables and initializing those variables. It's a common logging feature I'm trying to implement (log4j). What I'd like to ...

48. tag library?

50. - Pager Tag Library

51. Tag Libraries in JSP

52. Using custom tag lib

53. Tag library Question

54. tag libraries

55. Any LDAP Tag Libs/JSPs available?

56. tag lib

57. About JSP Tag Library

58. Custom Tag LIbrary problem

59. tag lib declaration

60. Custom Tag Library

Sounds to me like you are confusing beans with tags. A bean is an object with a specific state. Therefore throughout your html you can get/set it's properties. Tags on the other hand are about processing data and are often used to produce beans which you can then access. Depending on what you are trying to access you might approach things ...

61. Number of child Tag Library

62. Tag Library for Core Security Patterns

Originally posted by Jeff Richards: Does anybody have a tag library for enforcing page-level permissions as defined in the Programmatic Authorization Strategy of the Authorization Enforcer pattern? If so, how hard was it to implement? I really like the pattern and the strategy is perfect for what we are doing. I just don't have much experience with tag libraries.

63. Pager tag library

Hi all, I am Oager tag library for paging in my lists. everything is working fine. But the problem is Lets say there are 10 pages and I am currently viewing 6th page. After viewing it I clicked on another link in the jsp page. And Later came back to my list. Requirement is I should be looking at 6th again ...

64. Tag Library Decriptor Problem

65. JSP 2.0 deal with custom tag libraries

66. Tag library usage

67. Executing JSP tag lib outside a JSP

68. JSP Tag Libraries

69. Problem while Tag lib Up gradation

We have problem while Tag library application upgraded from Websphere3.5 to Websphere6. The Tag library looks in JSP has follows. SELECT <%=report.getColumnName()%> Product, hdr_desc_txt Header, hdr_cd Action FROM <%=report.getReportType()%>_HDR_VIEW where <%=report.getColumnName()%>='<%=report.getProduct()%>' In above query the dynamic values are populating correctly and become complete valid query while executing in the JSP. Problem only when this query set into ...

70. Log Tag library

I want to use "Log Tag library" in my JSP. When I am using any of the things like debug or fatal in the jsp, it is running well, but I am not getting where the out put is getting printed My requirement is to log 'what ever information the user loading into the JSp' or 'what ever action he is ...

71. jsp tag library

72. JSP Tag Libs

73. problem in custom tag library

Hi all! I am creating a custom tag and using it in a jsp file. My applicaion name is- TagTest. there are three files in it. handler class file- tld file- csajsp_taglib.tld a jsp file in which tag is used- SimpleExample.jsp Directory structure is like this- TagTest | - SimpleExample.jsp (a jsp file in which tag is used) | - ...

74. custom tag library

75. How portable are Custom Tag Libraries?

76. JSP Tag library

77. problem in creating tag library

81. Duplicate tag name in custom library

What happens when you create two with the same name in a tag library definition. I tried it, and on Tomcat at least, it seems that the container uses the definition of the first tag it encounters and ignores the second tag (assuming both tags have the same ). Is this Tomcat specific? Or would an error be thrown in ...

82. what HTML tag library to use

What tag library is best for HTML tags? I was looking at the Struts html-el tags and that is what I'm looking for but I'm not using Struts. In addition, I don't see a download location for the Struts tags so I was wondering what others use. Thanks for any help or advice, -=beeky

84. Tag libraries

HI, I am doing taglibraries example in rad.. <%@ taglib uri="META_INF/session.tld" prefix= "sessionData" %> my questions are 1. At this line I am getting error session.tld unknown.. Do i need to do any pre steps in application server.. if so please let me know where do I need to keep .TLD's. 2. How can we provide the body for those .TLD's. ...

86. Custom tag library 101 question

87. Regarding JSP Tag libraries

88. JSP Tag Libraries