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1. Printing a java scriptlet variable as if it is a JavaScript variable

hello i need to output a java variable inside a javascript call inside a tag inside a jsp ! for example:

 <% String param = "hello";%>

<dmf:checkbox  name="checkbox"
  onclick = "selectAll(<%=param%>)"
the ...

2. What is the exact difference between the scriptlet tags <%= some code %> and <# some code %>?

What is the exact difference between the scriptlet tags <%= some code %> and <# some code %>?

3. getRealPath() in jsp custom tag file using EL or scriptlet code

I'm trying to access the servlet path from a tag file like so;

<%@tag description="put the tag description here" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
However it complains it cannot find the symbol; string:///xxxxx:89: cannot find symbol symbol : ...

4. Scriptlet variable doesn't get evaluated inside an attribute of a custom JSP tag

I am trying to have a JavaScript function called when I click a link. This JavaScript function is definied in an attribute of a JSP tag and I am trying to ...

5. JSP tags + scriptlet. How to enable scriptlet?

I have a page which uses a tag template. My web.xml is very basic. I simply want to run some code in the page.
And no, I'm not interested in tags or other alternative. ...

6. scriptlet VS Tag in JSP

The only real difference is in the time it needs to compile. Scriptlets are added to the generated Java source verbatim, while tags need to be parsed to generate the method calls (and potentially object instantiations) they represent. At runtime the difference is probably trivial. The only real difference is that using scriptlets you're able to get more code into your ...

7. Using Custom tags inside HTML or Scriptlet

Overlooking the fact that custom tags reduce the need for scriptlets in a JSP, is there a way to use invoke a custom tag inside a scriptlet or within a HTML tag? for eg/. if I have a custom tag handler that prints out a static url, would it be possible to invoke that tag inside lets say a HTML

8. Display tags and Jsp Scriptlet

10. converting scriptlet code into custom tag

Hi pls.. let me know how to convert the below jsp code in to custom tag handler ------------- <%@ page import = "aab.woca.ggca.gui.*"%> <%--@ page import = "com.abnamro.woca.adc.gui.*"--%> <%! // Global constants public static final int NUM_STEPS = 5;// includes the "finish" step public static final int WELCOME = 0; // Auxiliary functions public static String disable(int curr, int limit){ return ...

11. JSP declaration tag and Scriptlet tag

Hello anoop well in code 1, if you open multiple browser windows, then in that case value will hold the latest value .. for example suppose you declare value as <%! int value=0 ; %> and in your code suppose you do <% value=value+1;%> then when you open one browser value you will get the value of the variable "value" as ...

13.  tag

Hi, I have put in the DD the following: index.html *.jsp true I tried this jsp below named index.jsp located under context root, 10 x 5 = ${10 * 5}
2 * 3 = <%= 2 * 3 %>
The ...