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1. How to invoke a custom tag in servlet or inside another tag?

I want to call dynamic tag in my custom tag . for example

<mytag:taga attribute="showtag" value="helo">

showtag is another custom tag. the main idea is call another tag by name inside my tag ...

2. Design question - servlets, jsps, custom tags, html

I am new to servlets and jsps. I wanted to know what the best design would be for a sample problem I am trying to write code for. Here goes - ...

3. In html tag, how to call servlet before opening file dialog for download (save as)?

I am developing a web-app where I want to provide a download link to users - so they can download a zip file from my server. Now, my requirement is that I ...

5. How to handle HTML tags in servlet java program?

1) In my servlet program, I have a statement which will be printed using the code as follows,

    out.println("<b>This is servlet output</b>");
Instead of getting printed in bold, it ...

6. JSP 2 and Servlet 2.4 broke my custom tags

We recently switched to Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2 on a project and our custom tags no longer work. We have tags like:

<myTags:someTag value="${x}" />
and once in the tag we evaluated x ...

7. How to call a Servlet when I click on a Hyperlink

On a JSP Page I have populated a table with some id's. I have made these ID's as hyperlink. Now i want that if I click on any id it should ...

8. How to pre-compile jsp tag files? says:

Tag files can also be compiled into Java classes and bundled as a tag library. This is useful when you wish to distribute ...

9. What are the current best JSP/Servlet Containers?

I am looking onto some of the JSP/Servlet containers to integrate to my App Server. I want to analyze features of each JSP/Servlet container Would appreciate if anybody could toss around some ideas? Thanks. ...

11. Custom Tag in Servlet

Someone could argue that since the interfaces to the custom tag code are public, that you could invoke your custom tag code in a similar fashion to the way the servlet generated for a JSP would. However, since no page context exists for a servlet, you'd have to do a lot of fancy footwork to fake it all. Needless to say, ...

12. table tag passed from servlet

i am creating a table tag in my action class and set it to a request varaible and print out that request variable. My table tag is a bit complicated as it has lot of div tags in it it doesn't render the table but prints exactly what i have pasted below in the jsp Any help. i have some other ...

14. uniqueness of servlet-name tag

16. Servlet tags not recognised (Help!!!!)

Hi, I currently have the following code inside an html file:- If you see this text, it means that the web server providing this page does not support the SERVER tag. Every time I download this file into my browser I see the statement:-If you see this text, it means that the web server providing this ...

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23. useBeans tag-in Servlets-how to.

24. Replacing html tags in servlet code with a html file name ??

?? Let's not get too fancy. That's what 'include' is for. From the tomcat examples app, modify the hello world servlet as follows: public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle("LocalStrings",request.getLocale()); response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); out.println(""); out.println(""); String title = rb.getString("helloworld.title"); out.println("" + title + ""); out.println(""); out.println(""); // note that all links ...

25. Call servlet in a href tag

26. servlet versus a custom tag

I have the need to take an xml data source and do a transform with an xsl template. I have written it as a servlet and as a custom tag. Both work. My question is, when would be best to implement it as a servlet and when would it be best to implement it as a custom tag? The servlet is ...

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31. Why servlet-name tag is there?

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34. How to call a Servlet from href tag?

35. Reading the META tag in a Servlet

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