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I want to ask a question about the .jsp. What is the different between using the jsp syntax (e.g. <%! .. %>) and the XML syntax (e.g. <jsp:declaration>...</jsp:declaration>). Is there maintenance ...

2. Servlet to read XML tags from Client    coderanch.com

Hi, I want to know that how to read xml tags from a servlet. e.g The example is just rough text) The client has a file called abc.xml Client has sent a request to server (Servlet1.java). containing xml tags (note that there is no html or jsp file). Content as follows:

abc 123 pqr ...

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10. Can I used XML tag inside Servlets?    coderanch.com

Unless I am missing the pont of your question, yes, I believe you can use XML tags instead of HTML. I am assuming that you want to use the output stream of a servlet to generate a page consisting of XML tagts? Basically the servlet just writes out whatever you tell it to and it is up to the browser to ...

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14. use of writing servlet-mapping tag in web.xml    coderanch.com

Your servlet mapping defines the url that will be used to access your servlet. With traditional webserver (and most web scripting languages) the url is defined by the filename and location of the page within the server file system. Since servlets are not tied to the server's filesystem, (They could be in jars, wars, under the app's WEB-INF/classes directory or under ...