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1. JSPC: jsp:attribute must be the subelement of a standard or custom action

I'm using Maven to precompile my JSPs in my webapp. I'm using quite a few custom tags but one of them chokes Apache's JSP compiler. The relevant part of the JSP is ...

2. Where are the handlers for jsp standard action tags?

I'm looking for the classes that handle jsp action tags (jsp:include, jsp:useBean, etc). Note, i'm not looking for JSTL handlers. I've searched all the jars in my tomcat installation and can't ...

3. In Struts1.3 How Handling Multiple FormBean property to action

I am using Struts1.3, I have Jsp page which is showing the list of employees on that page. For this what i did is, I have a action inside that action ...

6. include action tag in JSP

7. Doubt In Action Tag

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