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1. Custom JSP Tag processor is caching a dated property, so the page shows old data and don't update, how to avoid this?

I made a custom jsp tag that search a historical value on a database an render it on the page. The attributes that the tag requires are the variable name and ...

2. Jsp cache problem

I use javascript and css to build a multi-level drop down menu with following markups:

   <li>menu item 1</li>

3. Stop caching in Firefox

I am using following code.

response.addHeader("Pragma","no-cache,no-store,private,must-revalidate,max-stale=0,post-check=0,pre-check=0 "); 
response.addDateHeader ("Expires", 0);
It works perfectly in IE, but the page is still cached in Firefox. I want to stop caching in Firefox as well. ...

4. OSCache jsp tag to first return from cache and then clear

I am using OSCache on my jsps with tags. To improve performance, I am caching some of the jsp using the oscache jsp tags. I would like the cache to always ...

5. jsp caching tag library

I want to cache some portions of my JSP page because it is heavy to render. The whole page cannot be cached as it contains user specific content, but most of ...

6. Use of Cache Tag

Hi, I just started going through custom tags and have gone through "Professional Jsp tag libraries" by Simon Brown. I would like to thank Simon for the book.As, it turns out, one never has time to start from scratch, so was considering to use 3rd party tags. Had query about using Cache Tag from jakarta taglibs. In my application, i have ...

8. Does c:import tag cache the page.

9. JSP tag to prevent caching

10. JSP cache when using tag library to read xml files

ALL possible reasons? That's really not a practical thing to ask. Your list of possible reasons will include things like "Somebody modified your JSP code to occasionally at random return the previous data instead of the current data" and even more implausible things. You would be better off using standard testing methods.