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1. creating a custom JSP tag

I'm trying to create a custom JSP tag that would take an array object and display the elements of the tag in an HTML table. Does anyone have suggestions on how ...

2. implementing a "window manager" for HTML in a JSP custom tag

I have a problem: I need to build a custom tag, which can take its child tags (each of which will render as an HTML widget of some sort) and render them ...

3. Problem in Custom tag in JSP

Hi i have a custom tag in JSP


4. Custom Tag inheritance.

I have a JSP custom tag "A" defined in my .tld. It has 3 required attributes. It has its ATagHAndler that inherits SimpleTagHandler. I need a new tag "B" that does excatly ...

5. Jsp custom tag issues

I'm getting the following error when I try to run a jsp page with a custom jsp tag. javax.servlet.ServletException: /pages/editBidForm.jsp(43,3) No tag "getName" defined in tag library imported with prefix "custom" ...

6. Custom JSP tag - detect existence of other instances

Is it possible for a custom JSP tag to detect if there are other instances of itself within a page? If so, what's the preferred way to do this? My tag's ...

7. Custom Tag implementation issue

I have customs tags as follows. repeat and heading tag have doAfterBody method implemented.Both of them extends BodyTagSupport class

        <csajsp:repeat reps="5">

8. JSP Custom tags disables use of anything else

I'm trying to make a simple login with JSP, and I have a custom tag like this <h:mainwrapper> with some simple div's inside... and what i'm trying to do is to execute <%=error ...

9. custom tag in JSP

when i'm using custom tag in JSP using taglib the attribute type must be string (and can be change in the class with the logic to another type) or there is a way to ...

10. JSP Custom Tags capture user input

How would one capture use input from html form and display it in another jsp page using a custom jsp tag? a simple like the following?

JSP page
<%@ taglib uri="/myTLD" prefix="mytag"%>

11. How to create a JSP custom tag which marks a field readonly?

I want to create a custom tag which would mark a field readonly on JSP. Any suggestions how to accomplish this?

12. How to shorten output generated by custom JSP tag?

Possible Duplicate:
Strip whitespace from jsp output
Is possible to make output generated by my own JSP tags to be shorter ? For example tag defined ...

13. Is there a way to restrict usage of a custom tag so that it can only be used within a specific tag?

I have a <filter:filters> tag and a <filter:filter> tag. These are JSP custom tags. Is there any way to specify that a <filter:filter> tag cannot be used in isolation and that ...

14. JSP TableTag Sorting

I'm working on a legacy system that uses JSPs. Specifically, there is a <display:table> tag that allows the user to sort the columns of data. However, when the default tag is ...

15. How can I make a custom JSP tag that uses other JSP tags?

I would like to write a custom JSP tag whose output includes other JSP tags which should themselves also be dynamically evaluated. But apparently everything that my TagSupport subclass writes to ...

16. JSP custom tag ClassNotFoundException

I'm trying to use the following class in a JSP-based custom tag:

public class HelloWorldTest {
    public void hello1() { }
The tag file is in WEB-INF/tags/hello.tag:
<%@ tag language="java" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1" ...

17. JSP Custom Tags

18. Custom tags in JSP

iam using jsp custom tags.i want to pass attribute value dynamically in the jsp page.iam pasting the code here.iam unable to pass attribute value dynamically.iam not getting any error.plz help me. here is the code... jsp code... <%@ taglib uri="Vinay.tld" prefix="sample" %> <% String name=request.getParameter("name"); %> TagLib code... hello Vinay But when compiling, the JBuilder told me that: "SimplePrimeExample.jsp": org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Parse Error in the tag library descriptor: ...

24. Another custom tag question

I think there are classloaders for each web application that we host and they are not configured to do a reload everytime a java class file changes. So looks like there is no alternative to restarting tomcat. yeah jsps are handled in a differnt way though. imean as you must be knowing they are reloaded when changed. But somebody might have ...

25. TagUnit : an open source framework for testing JSP custom tags

TagUnit is an open source framework whereby JSP custom tags can be tested inside the container, and in isolation to the application specific pages on which they will ultimately be used. In essence, it's a tag library for testing tags within JSP pages. This means that it is easy to unit test tags, including the content that they generate and the ...

27. Custom Tag

28. Benefits of Using Custom Tags

29. custom tag not working

Hi, i am just trying a simple example of a custom tag. but it does not run and gives root cause as INVALID PUBLIC ID- .... can anybody help me to learn this properly heres my web.xml and the error--- web.xml /WEB-INF/classes/js /WEB-INF/JavaScriptExTag.tld B]Tomcat's ...

30. Performance of custom tag

Hi! I have written a number of JSP pages that include other JSP pages. At first I used the jsp:include mechanism to do this. However, when testing the performance of this, in some cases, it was unacceptable. Here's why... Take for example a JSP that generates a list as an HTML table where each item appears in a table row. In ...

31. custom tag

Hi ranchers! I am trying to get a sun's sample custom tag working.But when i try to complile the ,I get the following error: package javax.servlet.jsp does not exist import javax.servlet.jsp.*; ^ package javax.servlet.jsp.tagext does not exist import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*; Why is this happening ?I have made the necessary changes to the classpath & put the servlet.jar file in ...

32. compile problem with custom tag

The first time I try to access my jsp with a custom tag I get the following compile error in Tomcat: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSPNote: has been deprecated. An error occurred at line: 47 in the jsp file: /dataSurvey1.jsp Generated servlet error: C:\Tomcat\work\localhost\_\dataSurvey1$ Class org.apache.jsp.AddOptionTag not found. AddOptionTag _jspx_th_alumni_option_0 = new AddOptionTag(); ^ An error occurred at ...

33. Calender custom tag?

34. custom link tags

I want to be able to re-use jsp pages between different apps. But these jsp pages will have links to a) external links (that need http://) and b) internal links (that dont need http). The internal links I want to be able to click on and stay with in each apps general framework. But I cant do this with a link ...

35. Custom Tags

36. Custom Tags

I am using Custom Tags in my JSP pages, created as per our requirements . The thing is working fine. However when i am checking code performance using "Optimize It", the results are rather surprising. The number of tag instances being created, just keeps mounting. Was under the impression that Websphere 4.0 Single Server Edition or for that matter any app ...

37. Pros\Cons of using Custom Tags ???

38. custom tag question

Hi there, I am new to custom tag library stuff, trying to make it work but not. 1. I put my datetime.jsp file under C:\Tomcat4\webapps\ROOT\jsp; 2. then .tld file under C:\Tomcat4\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF folder; 3. and the compiled java DateTimeTag.class file under C:\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes I am trying to load jsp file as http://localhost/jsp/DateTime.jsp, but get error message as following. Could anybody please tell me ...

39. Custom tags

I am in the process of refactoring a working JSP to use custom tags. There is a lot of java code which needs to be taken out of the JSP. After setting up the system for using tags( creating TLDs and while writing the tag handlers) I am at a loss as to how I can distribute the java code into ...

40. Custom Tags - Comment Problem?

41. Custom Tag NOT Compiling

My tag has comiLped. i have tld like this : --------------------------------------- 1.0 1.1 first A simple tab library for the examples hello HelloTag empty Say Hi -------------------------------------- HERE IS MY WEB.XML: ------------------------------------- ...

42. Recursivity with custom tag

Hello I'm trying to deal with Data structure which contains recursivity. The aim is to display this structure in a web page using a custom tag. I suppose it's a common situation but I'm not really familiar with TagLib. Suppose your data structure is something like: Person - fisrName - lastName - list of Person This is not a problem to ...


My tag has comiLped. i have tld like this : --------------------------------------- 1.0 1.1 first A simple tab library for the examples hello HelloTag empty Say Hi -------------------------------------- HERE IS MY WEB.XML: ------------------------------------- ...

44. Custom Tag Life Cycle

45. Custom tags in JSP

46. JSP custom tags

47. Custom Tags

49. Speed JSP Custom Tag development with XDoclet

Speed J2EE component development with XDoclet This tutorial shows J2EE developers how to use XDoclet to speed development. XDoclet simplifies continuous integration between components using attribute-oriented programming. It allows you to radically reduce development time by generating deployment descriptors and support code, allowing you to focus on application logic code. Register for this tutorial XDoclet tutorial This tutorial consists of three ...

50. custom tags

51. Custom Tags

52. Custom Tags - Basics !!

53. Custom Tag Compilation

54. Custom Tag scope.

55. JSP Custom Tag

56. JSP Custom Tags emitting custom tags.

58. Problem using Custom tag in JSP

59. configuring custom tag

60. custom tag

in the custom tag or any other container call the release() method on the instance of tag class. it is called only once on the instance. but if we have a pool of the instances of the same tag class then there is only one call for release() method or for every instance there is call to release() method.

61. Jsp Custom Tag

62. custom tags: changing tag class

63. problem in Custom Tags

64. Creating Custom Tags

66. Simple Custom tags

67. Simple or Empty tag of Custom Tags

68. JSP Custom Tags

69. custom tags

I have a questin about body tag. Is it possible to run doinitbody and doafterbody in a loop, to traverse through the collection attribute of the tag. In the body it has a nested tag, which also need to run in a loop, which anyway will be taken care by doafterbody. Thanks Seetarama Raju

70. Custom tag generating JSP code?....

Well, it always seemed to me that custom tags are evaluated first, then the results of the evaluation are included in the page code and then it is again evaluated as a whole, but in my case the output of a custom tag are NOT evaluated even though they represent the body of another tag which MUST accept JSP code and ...

72. custom tags

73. Custom Tag Question

74. Custom Tags

75. Custom Tags

76. custom tags

77. custom import tag

i have 3 jsp-files: a.jsp, b.jsp and c.jsp a.jsp contains: b.jsp contains: c.jsp contains some text and other struts-stuff when i display a.jsp it's properly compiled and i get all the information that's needed (so the import in b.jsp is completed succesfully) now i made a new tag in my own taglibrary because it has ...

78. Custom tags help

I am trying to create a custom tag that generates the code for an HTML table in this manner: ${currentBean.aProperty} Here the tag draws a table of no more than 3 coloumns and as many rows as it takes to include all items. And in each cell of the table the value of currentBean.aProperty is printed. ...

79. i18n custom tag

81. Custom tag benifits

82. custom tags

83. Custom Tag help - simple question

84. Quick custom tag problem

Hi. I have made a custom tag with the view of using it as a 'method', i.e. declaring the code for the method and calling it within a JSP page using the custom tag. The problem I have is that the rest of the body of the page is not evaluated after the tag, even though I specify the return value ...

85. Custom tags in JSP

Hi all, I have problem in compiling My Tag handler class.Its not identifying the packages (javax.servlet.jsp,javax.servlet.tagext). I have copied teh servlet.jar into lib folder and i have set the path also. I dont where im going wrong. Thanx in advance Regards Madhavi [ August 04, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]

86. Regarding Custom Tag

87. Custom table dispaly tag

88. Can we use C:OUT in custom tag?

89. custom tags

90. Problem while running JSP Custom Tag

92. help with custom tags

Originally posted by tan kian: i am printing it out in the jsp page, which is as follows:

Core Modules

Name ${pageScope.core}
That's why all you are getting is your last data item. As I mentioned in my previous reply, your tag is lopping through the collection you retrieved and storing ...

93. custom tag using SimpleTagSupport

94. Custom Tags

95. Custom if then else tags?

96. jsp custom tag

97. Jsp & JavaScript & custom tags

hi, I have a taglib in jsp.. this taglib will display the discription on a jsp page... when i am try to display that by using the javascript it is giving some problems i.e document.write(''); Iam try like this but it is showing some error... because the discription is like this discription--->//welcome to the world of buitie's and ...

98. custom Tags & javascriptlet in jsp

Hi, It looks like you are mixing HTML and java (JSP) code in example given by you, try revisit what you have written. What I can think of with the data given by you towards your solution is something like this. You are trying to utilize the functionality return in some tag lib, thus you want to return value to future ...

99. JSP Custom Tag Vs AJAX JSP tags

100. Need to develop your own Custom Tags?

Hi, All it depends on your need. If you don't find anything which is already there, go ahead and develop your own. For example, you want to have a tag offering paging service. Which is not offered by JSTL or Struts. I think what they offer is kind of iterator tags. I don't know much abt struts as I am mostly ...