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1. how to work with jsp custom tags

2. Problems with custom Tag

The container assumes that it is the only thing setting the properties that represent the attribute values. Trust me, you start mucking aorund with those and there is no end to the pain and suffering. Want to see my scars? Point taken . The jsp spec does warn at several places against user code tampering with the container's 'knowledge' of the ...

3. Custom Tags

4. Custom Tag Question

Hi All, I have a custom tag does the following: "/> The above however does not work when I am using with an error stating: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /WEB-INF/pages/myResult.jsp(34,46) equal symbol expected at org.apache.jasper.compiler.DefaultErrorHandler.jspError( at org.apache.jasper.compiler.ErrorDispatcher.dispatch( at org.apache.jasper.compiler.ErrorDispatcher.jspError( If I do this works fine. How do I get input from one tag to evaluate as input into ...

5. Problem with custom tags

6. custom tag help

Hi there, I was wondering if someone might help me construct a custom tag handler class that either allows or denies access to a given JSP page? I'll start by showing the code I want to replace in all my JSP pages: <% String companyID = (String)session.getAttribute("companyID"); String administratorID = (String)session.getAttribute("administratorID"); if(companyID == null || administratorID == null) { out.println(ServletUtilities.headWithTitle("ACCESS DENIED") ...

7. Problem with Custom Tags

8. release() in custom tag !!

9. on custom tags

10. Custom Tags & Custom Types

I have a type in (called, surprisingly enough, "menuitem") that extends Object. In a tag library, called, I have: public void setMenuBar(menuitem[] mi) { int len= mi.length; menuBar= new menuItem[len]; for (int i= 0; i < len; i++) { menubar[i]= new menuitem[i]; } } In the jsp I have: " When executed, I get ...

11. jsp tagdependent custom tag

12. what is a custom tag

13. using flush in custom tags

14. scenarios for custom tags

16. Custom tags Problem

17. Custom Tag

18. problem with custom tag

Hey to all Problem Solver, I have developed one small jsp/servlet web application with my own custom tags. The whole program module works in my system. When I deployed the same module in remote another tomcat server, it didn't work. When I tried to access my index.jsp page: tomcat gave error like: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: File "/WEB-INF/tlds/goldtld.tld" not found. What might be the ...

19. eror in the jsp custom tags

20. Problem in Custom Tag class

21. Problems using custom tag with javascript

Custom tags (and any JSP code for that matter) and Javascript exist in two totally different times and places so... no, there is no problem with using custom tags to generate Javascript and there is no problem using them in the head of an HTML page. Think of it this way, your JSP code creates your HTML and Javascript code. To ...

22. problem with custom tag

this is jsp file %@ taglib prefix="mine" uri="DiceFuntions" %> This is new value : ${mine:rollIt()} i wrote tld file and put that file in WEB-INF....but its not working 1.2 DiceFuntions rollIt faq.DiceRoller int rollDice() java file content are package faq; public class DiceRoller { public static int rollDice(){ ...

23. Custom Tag Issue

As per forum instructions, please disclose the versions of JSP and JSTL that you are using. It sounds as if you are using an older version of JSP that does not allow the EL in template text, or that your web app is misconfigured. The JSP FAQ has entries that deal with these situations.

24. describe about custom tags in jsp

JSTL, as its name implies is an attempt by Sun to minimize the number of custom tags that need to be written by standardizing the most common tasks that programmers usually write custom tags to do. Before JSTL, if you wanted tags that branch or loop over a collection, you had to either write them yourself or adopt one of the ...

26. Custom Tag vs Java in JSP performance

27. custom tags specification

28. Custom Tag

My question is about when one creates a custom tag. If the is set to true for a particular attribute and you send an object via EL "${sumthing}" you must use ExpressionEvaluatorManager.evaluate(blah, blah...) inside the doTag(). My question is why. Just looking for a plain english answer. Thanks for any interest.

30. Custom JSP Tag

31. Custom tags does not execute

32. Custom tag

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP: An error occurred at line: 11 in the jsp file: /bodyContent.jsp BodyContentTag cannot be resolved to a type 8: This page uses a custom tag manipulates its body content. 9: Here is its output: 10:

    11: 12:
  2. 13:

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34. JSP Custom Tags

35. JSP Custom tag

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37. Custom Tag Query

38. Custom Tags in Jsp

Hello every one out there.This post is regarding custom tags in Jsp. Could any one help me regarding the following 1) How to create a jar file which consists of a class file(Tag Handler) and the taglib.tld.(Note- After creating the jar, if we unjar we should get a Meta-Inf directory under which .tld file should be placed.This where i am facing ...

39. Custom JSP Tags?

40. JSP Custom tags

41. Please Help! -- Custom JSP Tag

42. Custom Tags for JSP- Available?


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43. Problem in jsp using custom tag

44. jsp custom tags

45. How To Create A Custom Tag in Jsp

46. Can a custom tag return a jsp tag?

Hi all- I am fumbling through the correct implementation of the Composite View pattern using custom tags to may runtime determinations of JSP content. I have a custom tag that evaluates the username/password of the user at login and performs a set of : out.println(""); statements among others. The problem is that all of the html tags that appear ...

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48. Custom jspTag problem

50. Crash course on custom tag development

51. custom tag and getAttribute

52. invoking the custom tag manually.

53. Custom tag scenario

54. Problem with Custom Tags

55. Custom Tag doubt

Hi all, I am learning how to create a custom tag. I found an example and trying to implement . Iam getting an error: Unable to initialize TldLocationsCache: XML parsing error on file /WEB-INF/Heading.tld: (line 3, col 6). My Heading.tld is as follows: 1.2 2.0 head ...

56. Problem with custom tag

Hi, i have to code a custom tag lib which accepts an int value and a value object bean. In the taglib class i have to access that object bean to do some manipulations and then produce the HTML markup. My custom tag in taglib.jsp goes like: for(all properties in myBeanHavingData) end for now in my ...

57. Custom Tags

58. custom tag problem - some inconsistency

Hi , I have implemented JSP custom tags for cascading dropdown . I have 1. TLD file 2. Tag handler class 3. JSP implementing the tag (Permit.jsp) Sometimes everything compiles and jsp has three cascading dropdown boxes and is generated and has the java code in it. But sometimes I get the null pointer exception at the jsp level , ...

59. Problem executing example custom tag.

61. Having problem with JSP 2 custom tag.

Hi All, I use Tomcat 6. I am trying to write a custom tag. When I run this tag I get java.lang.ClassNotFoundException. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Any help is appreciated. Tag Class:: package com.aexp.forms.tags; import; import java.text.SimpleDateFormat; import java.util.Date; import*; import javax.servlet.jsp.*; import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.*; public class CheckBoxTag extends SimpleTagSupport { private String mFormat; ...

63. Custom Tag inhertance.

64. Manually calling a BodyTagSupport tag from inside another custom tag.

public class FormTagExtender extends FormTag { private final static long serialVersionUID = 1L; public FormTagExtender () throws JspException { super(); setCssClass("form"); } /** * Automatically insert the errors tag right after the form opening. */ protected int writeTagContent(TagWriter tagWriter) throws JspException { int result = super.writeTagContent(tagWriter); ErrorsTagWrapper errorsTag = new ErrorsTagWrapper (); errorsTag.setPageContext(pageContext); // IS THIS RIGHT? errorsTag.doStartTag(); errorsTag.doEndTag(); return result; ...

65. jsp custom tag issues

67. about multiple custom tag

68. How to Custom tags in jsp

Hello Siva It is very easy to use the custom tags in jsp. The main objective of custom tags is to completly remove the java code from the jsp. the jstl,el,scriptlet.....etc may not completely remove the java code from the jsp. by using custom tags we can remove the java code. follow the bellow lines. Required components to develop the custom ...

71. Custom Tag

72. Java EE 6 Nothing about custom tags

75. calculate referer in custom tag

76. Purposes of custom tags

77. Custom tag not being recognized

78. Cannot find symbol - JSP App using custom tags

Hi, I am having some trouble with a custom tags tutorial I have due today. I am getting the error "can not find symbol" for two variables; order and orderlines. These have been created in the tld file correctly afaik. Here are the files: TLD: [code=]xml 1.0 week07_portfolio /WEB-INF/tlds/week07_portfolio DisplayOrders tags.DisplayOrders ...

81. Custom Tag Query

82. Calling custom tags from html

83. Custom Tag Problem

84. How to use custom tag?

85. Unable to compile class for JSP (Using custom tag)

Hello, i am trying to display header using custom tag, my tld file is found in the folder WEB-INF/customTag.tld and is defined as follows: 1.0 2.0 testing /WEB-INF/customTag.tld This is a demonstration tag library header com.pask.CustomTag scriptless This tag is for displaying headers headerSize ...

86. Please help in learning custom tags

87. JSP custom tag boducontent problem

hello people I used bodycontent element in my TLD file to access the bodyContent of the custom tag. when I start my tomcat 4.1.29 webcontainer the server starts with exeception. I have given below the TLD file segment.. taglib tlibversion 1.0 /tlibversion jspversion 1.1 /jspversion shortname ramtag /shortname uri ramesh/taglibrary /uri info This is information about Ramesh tag Library /info tag ...

89. passing params to custom tag from jsp

90. Design view for jsp custom tags.

91. Need Custom Tag for Paging in JSP