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1. Eclipse "cannot find the tag library descriptor"

I have a JEE project which build fine with Ant, deploys perfectly to JBoss, and runs without any trouble. This project includes a few custom tag libraries, which are also working ...

2. How to get EL (Expression Language) content assist (autocomplete) in JSP / JSP Tags in Eclipse?

Is there a way, via configuration, upgrade or a plugin to get content assist in JSP EL expressions? e.g. ${CTRL+SPACE ... or ${pageContext.CTRL+SPACE ... etc...

3. How can I extend Eclipse Java search to JSPs?

Friends, Our JSP code uses both Spring form tags and JSTL tags. Is there a way that when I search for getFoo() in the Eclipse Java Search, for Eclipse to also return ...

4. Configure Eclipse to use Javascript editor

When editing JSPs in Eclipse, the contents of <script> tags - i.e. Javascript code - is properly color coded and formated. For reasons that go beyond the scope of this question, I ...

5. Why doesn't content/code assist work inside html tags in eclipse helios in the jsp editor?

It took me a while to isolate where the problem comes up but I've narrowed it down to this: If I have an html tag in my jsp like so: "> The content assist ...

6. JSP: Tag library Intellisense problem in Eclipse

I am trying to develop a JSP application using Eclipse 3.6 Helios. Now I have defined a Tag Library Definition called DiceFunctions.tld inside the WEB-INF folder, and then declared this in ...

7. Eclipse Code Hinting on JSP with Custom Tags (taglib)

I'm developing a JSP tag that have an attribute that works with a set of possible values.
I don't need to enforce this values, but I would like my IDE (Eclipse) do ...

8. Unknown tag (strong) in a *.tag file in Eclipse

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri=""%>
<%@ taglib prefix="u-p" tagdir='/WEB-INF/tags/user/parts' %>

In eclipse it underlines both the
and the
and marks them as errors.

9.  tag does not import the .css

I'm having some issue with importing a .css file in my jsp within the eclipse using this tag

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css" type="text.css">
The structure of my pages is so