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Suppose I have a custom tag that takes a List of Strings:

<%@ attribute name="thelist" type="java.util.List&lt;java.lang.String&gt;"
    required="true" %>
How can I create this attribute in the jsp that calls the ...

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I've been tasked with creating a JSP tag that will allow developers to pass a URI to an xml document, and have an object returned that can be navigated using EL. I ...

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Hi i have some server side validations and am displaying validation messages in JSP using EL like ${requestScope.validatemessage} where validatemessage is the message i set in Java file its working fine But the problem ...

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In the below code snippet, the intention is to take value for name from a variable, however no value gets output when it is tried with EL, while direct assignment works ...

5. Using varargs in a Tag Library Descriptor    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to have a TLD map to the following function:

public static <T> T[] toArray(T... stuff) {
    return stuff;
So that I can do:
<c:forEach items="${my:toArray('a', 'b', 'c')}"...
I tried ...

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My java enum looks like this:

In JSP, I am trying to do sth like below, which is not working.

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I'm still having problems with a custom tag and JSP. I've implemented a suggestion from a previous post, and Google searches don't seem to be helpful. I'm getting a ...

8. How to make JSP Tag File use attribute without EL?    coderanch.com

Hi - I'm trying to build a (previously believed to be) simple custom tag around the struts html:link tag. Basically the purpose of this tag I'm building will be to pop up a confirmation javascript message box when the link is clicked. If the user clicks 'cancel' in the message box then we don't go to the link. My problem is ...

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The code need to be generic. The controller doesn't know whether the return value is a list or anything else. The JSP needs to check if it is a list, a table will be displayed with the result, otherwise the object value will be displayed. I believe it should be handled by the view not the controller.

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I am unable to make sense of this code I have a custom tag handler SimpleTagTest3 the code looks like package foo; import java.io.IOException; import javax.servlet.jsp.JspException; import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.SimpleTagSupport; public class SimpleTagTest3 extends SimpleTagSupport{ @Override public void doTag() throws JspException, IOException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub getJspContext().setAttribute("message", "This message is set within the tag"); getJspBody().invoke(null); } } The tld file is ...

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