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I have the following inside a JSP:

<c:if test="${true}">
<jsp:attribute name="extraInlineComplianceJavascript">
window.isSummaryComplianceLinkVisible = '${TabList.isSummaryComplianceLinkVisible}';
window.isDetailComplianceLinkVisible = '${TabList.isDetailComplianceLinkVisible}';
window.complianceSummaryReportTag = '${helper.complianceSummaryReportTag}';
window.complianceDetailReportTag = '${helper.complianceReportTag}';
As is, I get the following exception:
 Must use jsp:body to specify tag body for ...

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Hi Guys !!! I have created a Custom Exception "DataStoreException" which is being thrown by a method in a class and caught in the doGet()method of the Servlet class. On the exception occuring i would like to automatically redirect to a specified error page as mentioned within the tags in web.xml. However, how should i re-throw the caught exception in ...

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Hello Folks, I am using a JSP with the following code <%@ taglib prefix="tagfile" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %> Custom Tag Demo This JSP declares and tries to use a tag file named "includeparam.tag" which is in the /WEB-INF/tags directory whose code is as given below code of ...

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And this tld: 1.0 2.3 UploadComponent nl.contentarchitects.module.upload.UploadComponent scriptless true If false, this tag is ignored. Default: true. if false true If true, this tag is ignored. Default: false. unless false true Default : Zul Component . use false true

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