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1. Embedded expression in custom tags

2. Expression Language is not working in Jsp Tags

I have a Jsp page and we set the isElIgnored="false" in the page directtive of the page. I also have a tag file that we are using. When we run it, the tag file does not evaluate my el expressions, but prints them as it is. However, this does not happened when i used scriplet expression worked fine. When I try ...

3. Using JSP expressions in custom tags

4. using expression tag in custom tag

5. Evaluate A JSP Expression Inside A Tag Handler

Hello, I am writing a tag handler generating HTML table. The JSP syntax to define the table could be similar to this <cut value='${rowData.url}' So I define the column to be a BodyTagSupport because column can contain specific column renderer. For now ...

6. Custom tag not evaluating ${} expressions

Hi, I've been stuck for a few days now... I'm trying to build a custum tag with parameters but my setter always receive a string when I pass a value as ${model.testStr}. It's one of my first tag so I as an exemple I redefined the cut tag in my library... Same soruce code, same config and yet the explression is ...

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