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How do you extend an existing JSP custom tag? As you know, a custom tag consists of two parts, an implementation class and a TLD file. I can extend the parent custom ...

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Try the following 3 lines instead of pageContext.getOut().print("how are you?"); // Code Sample Begin 1 JSPWriter out = bodyContent.getEnclosingWriter() ; 2 out.print("how are you?") ; 3 bodyContent.writeOut(out); The trick when using BodyTagSuport class is that you have to get a handle on the enclosing writer. In this case the enclosing writer for the bodyContent object is the "out". However if you ...

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Hi, I'm trying to learn JSP custom Tags. I'm using JDK 1.6 Eclipse 1.2.1 Tomcat 6.0 I have added the External JAR "servlet-api.jar" from Tomcat6.0/lib. I'm trying to create the following HelloWorldTag.java in a "Dynamic Web Project" in Eclipse in a package com.jspservlet. It is showing a complie error as "The import javax.servlet.jsp.tagext cannot be resolved." Could you please help me ...