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1. jsp:forward in Java without using JSP tag?

Is there a pure-Java equivalent to <jsp:forward page="..." /> that I can use within a <% ... %> block? For example, I currently have a JSP page something like this:


2. jsp:forward tag is not working correct?

this is deleteProduct.jsp page code. the problem is only the forward tag and the DB operation works good. i used the forward tag to go to adminProducts.jsp but the result is not correct. it shows ...

3. Why to use jsp:forward

As per my personal opinion, JSP are good for display output. And separated java class (say servlet/action etc) are good for writing rest programming logic. However some java code may require ...

4. jsp forward tag


As you know ....autoFlush property is "true" by default. and there is some default buffer size... so from your problem it sounds you have written some code for response(...response.write) before using tag you can control it by autoflush or buffer feature I mean no response should be flushed before forwarding hope this helps

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8. How SCRIPT tags are handled in JSP Forward

I'm not sure I completely understand your question, but I'll give it a shot. It seems that you are dealing with both JavaScript and JSP issues. Ignoring the JavaScript issues for the time being, let's talk about forwarding requests with JSP or Servlet programming. As long as you have a parameter in your request, if you forward the request to another ...

9. JSP forward tag

Hi guys, I'm using the jsp forward tag in a login page. The login page is in between two frames. But when the forward tag kicks in the target page loads up between the original two frames and I'm left with a 5 frame page! In html you use the target is =_parent. Is there a jsp equivalent?

11. JSP forward tag

Hi, Your above code contain multiple errors. I have give sample code below you can try it. (a) "FileName.html" File Name

Enter File name here:
(b) FileName.jsp <%-- Get the filename here--%> <% String file=request.getParameter("fileName"); %> %>; ...

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