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I would like to display a table containing a list of all items related to a particular option. If the selected option does not have any associated items, a message 'No Items Found' should be displayed. I implemented it by checking if the list of items that will be retrieved from a database will return nothing. In this case, I was ...

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I do it all the time. I'm not sure what you mean by "not have the corret[sic] style applied". Properly marked up HTML should be independent of the style sheets. If you're creating shoddy HTML such as:

then, yeah, you're going to run into problems. But if you're using CSS and CSS selectors ...

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Is there a way to programmatically add a tag descriptions for a jsp rather than declaring them in a .tld? I have many tags that have the same attributes and it a pain to have to copy that same big list of attributes over and over again in the tld file. Is there a hook for doing this? I know you ...

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17. jsp Iterate tag    coderanch.com

Thanks guys So do you think that would work well with this situation. I have an array of user objects that contain stuff like first name, last name ... I am setting that array on a userBean. I am then going to use jsp:useBean and jsp:getProperty to get a hold of my array of user objects. I then want to use ...

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27. code decorator tags?    coderanch.com

Would like to investigate code decorator tags that take code and decorate it (like it's displayed in an IDE). Basically, hilite all the keywords, comments, parenthesis, strings, boolean and number literals. You would use the tag like this: This is a function: function foo() { var a = 'aaa'; document.getElementById( a ).innerHTML = 2 + 2; } This ...

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35. C:If tag doubt.    coderanch.com

First, if you'd look at the JSTL specification, you'd see that the forEach tag does work with arrays. Both arrays of objects and arrays of primitives. So you're ok there. Then, could you check the following : 1. Are sure about requestScope.myForm.listOfIds ? What is myForm in the requestScope ? 2. You are giving the same name to all hidden tags. ...

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37. Java code in head tag.    coderanch.com

Thanks Bear for your quick response. The problem is I am maintaining some code written few years ago. Now, the problem is there is a scripplet in tag of a jsp and it is actually a java method. Now, I am trying real hard to find from where that method is being called as I need the parameters being passed ...

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Hi, I am trying to convert code from scripting to jstl. scripting code is running fine. But when I convert it to jstl, it gives the following ELException: Unable to find a value for "set" in object of class "java.lang.String" using operator "." The authorbookslist contains a map. I am retrieving the map from it and creating a set object of ...

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41. how to build select tag in the JSP from the java class    coderanch.com

I have a JSP page which is displaying one table with six columns of data. I want to get all the values of the table. Particularly in one column especially in one row it is displaying values in select drop box.

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Hi All, Can we have complete URLs instead of relative URLs in the include directive or forward tags i,e <%@include file="http://localhost/dir1/file1"> instead of the relative path of the file. And also what should i do if I want to have many text strings throughout the application, something like tokens which I can replace at my html pages so that it is ...

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Some 40-Digit Primes

Each entry in the following list is the first prime number higher than a randomly selected 40-digit number. <%@ taglib uri="csajsp-taglib.tld" prefix="csajsp" %>

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Hi, I had this problem in our project. I needed to access a value in the