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1. Evaluate variable before passing to JSP Tag Handler

When trying to use a custom JSP tag library, I have a variable defined in JSP that I would like to be evaluated before being passed to the tag library. However, ...

2. is it possible to generate page scope variable in jsp 2.0 tag available to parent page?

lets suppose we have a sample.jsp page:

<%@ taglib prefix="custom" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" %>
<custom:do var="foo"/>
is it possible to generate variable with name 'foo' in do.tag which will be visible in our sample.jsp page? page ...

3. Jsp render variable with jsp tags inside

In the JSPX page I use custom tag and this works fine

    <ui:image name="nameOfImage"/>
However If I put the <ui:image name="nameOfImage"/> into variable body
This will not work

4. javascript to jsp

How to show a javascript 'var' in my jsp?

 <script type="text/javascript">
 ... // My code to get the value. 
 var val = combo.getValue(); 
 The value is ...

5. java variable in a jsp tag?

I'm trying to do something like this:

    String headerDateFormat = "EEE, d MMM yyyy h:mm:ss aa"; 

<fmt:formatDate pattern="<% out.print( headerDateFormat ); %>" value="${now}" />
I've also tried:
<fmt:formatDate pattern="${headerDateFormat}" value="${now}" ...

6. How can I pass a server side variable into a core tag in JSP?

This expression tag outpus a correct value for me <%=drug.NonAuthoritative%> while I cant recover the value of drug.NonAuthoritative for use in a C tag

<c:if test="${drug.NonAuthoritative}">&nbsp;<bean:message key="WriteScript.msgNonAuthoritative"></bean:message></c:if>
the method is
public ...

7. JSP tag file that either outputs its body or returns it in a variable

I have a custom tag in a ".tag" file that computes and outputs a value. Because I cannot post the code here, let's assume a simple example. Content of file mytag.tag:

<@tag dynamic-attributes="dynamicParameters">
<%@attribute ...

8. how to use variable in page attribute of jsp include tag?

how to use variable in page attribute of jsp include tag ?

<jsp:include page="/adminadvertisement?type=c80&action=showall" /> 
I want to insert a variable passed as parameter in page attribute .Something like
<jsp:include page="/adminadvertisement?type={$param.type}&action=showall" />
regards, ...

9. get session variable Array list into Display Tag

Hi I have ArrayList get from session in jsp.

<%java.util.ArrayList<Organisation> OrganisationList1 = 

10. What are the best practices for passing JSP variables to html tag's attributes?

I have a code like <div id="test<%=j%>" class="test" > </div> and my editor ...

11. JSP tags and variable scope

Suppose I have a JSP file that contains a tag (hence a .tag file). It contains only this code (I omitted the obvious <%@ tag... ):

<div id = "***" class = "mySpecialClass" ...

12. Can we have access js variable in custom tag jsp

Possible Duplicate:
How can I access a JavaScript variable value in JSP?
Can we have access java script variable in custom tag jsp?

13. Tag variable problem

You can store the connection as a request or page attribute and retrieve it from the page after the tag is closed. If you also use a TEI class for your tag, you can automatically create a page variable for the object. I'd caution to be sure you free the connection (or return it to the pool or whatever) on the ...

14. Tags variable, with quotes?

Server: tomcat 4.0.3 / jdk 1.4.0 / solaris The above tag forwards to login.jsp page if no one is logged in. However, I get 404, "The requested resource (/"login.jsp") is not available. Is this a server bug? Or I've to strip the quotes manually? public class CheckLoginTag extends TagSupport { private String loginPage; private String nextPage; /** * Description ...

15. Assigning the custom tag's output to a java variable

I'd not set it into the session since it wouldn't need to stay around for any length of time. Page scope would do nicely. But.... why are you trying to do this in the first place? Seems kind of odd. Perhaps if you let us know what the ultimate use of "s" is, someone can come up with an alternate suggestion. ...

16. set the custom tag variable

17. Accessing JSP variables in a Tag Handler

Hi, I am creating a custom tag which builds a list view. I have certain String array in my JSP and I need to pass the same into my Tag Handler class. I tried following ways : 1. In doStartTag() implementation I used public int doStartTag() { String[] myArray = (String[])pageContext.getAttribute("mystringarray", PageContext.PAGE_SCOPE; ... ... } This is not recognizing the String ...

21. Tag File Variable Synchronisation

I'd like to bring up something that's been bothering me ever since the following topic came up in the SCWCD forum: @variable declare attribute It's about the variable directive used in tag files to declare scoped attributes to be synchronised between the JSP Context Wrapper (the tag file's context) and the Invoking JSP Context (the calling page's context). It takes all ...

22. what is variable of custome tag

24. Instance variables with Tags