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I'm developing some custom JSP tags. In my SimpleTag.doTag() I grab the JspContext and call getOut() to get the JspWriter. When writing to JspWriter, what's the different between write(String) and print(String)? ...

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I have one CommonVO interface contains id,my child Vo EmployeeVO implements CommonVO interface. EmployeeVO Contains Empid,EmpName. I am adding EmployeeVo to ArrayList object. Finally i am passing this ArrayList object to jsp page. So ...

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It would depend on your template object. What is it? Is it bound to one of the scoped objects? In any case, you wouldn't use 'param' unless it were a querystring or form parameter; which I doubt because form parameters don't support two levels referencing. [ August 14, 2007: Message edited by: Ben Souther ]

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